Mad Max (2015)


Fully [H]
Jan 28, 2014
The price isn't noteworthy but the fact that it's on GOG without DRM might be for some, especially since it uses Denuvo and requires connection to a server to run(that has already gone a down a couple times that I'm aware of). For $5 I'm thinking of picking it up just to avoid running into that issue again.
Apparently this version doesn't connect to servers, so you can't get regular scrap deposits in this one. I don't think I ever needed to rely on those regular deposits, though. Regardless, it is going to increase the grind needed to upgrade your Magnum Opus. It's not really an issue once you're able to start hunting scrap in storms.

Colonel Sanders

Supreme [H]ardness
Sep 26, 2001
This game is frequently on sale for around $5 - epic store, steam, gog, etc..

Definitely a solid game to pick up for that price.

The gameplay gets repetitive at some point, but it is fun.
It's one of those open world games where it's important to mix in the story missions in with all your side quests and activities because you can get overwhelmed with repetition and boredom. I fell into that grind about halfway through the game and almost stopped playing because it got so repetitious, but I focused on the story missions for a bit and it got me right back into it.

The only thing in this game that I genuinely disliked were the stupid mine disarming missions.


Nov 30, 2006
Might be fun, I don't think I ever beat the first one, but got far enough I didn't feel a need.


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Jul 26, 2005
Good news if true. Thunderpoon rules! Fury Road was a smashing success. People still flock to the occasional showings of the special Black & Chrome edition. Would be surprised if they did not release game 2 along with the upcoming sequel. Game 1 suffered enormously from bad reviews. Seemed many did not bother opening any area but the first one or two. And/or did not know about the 'fast travel' feature so were spending big time driving across the entire map.

Apparently the game has had a big uptick in popularity last year or two. Friend of mine is a school teacher and said many of his students were playing it. Being a long time Max fan (since 80s) like myself, he asked to see my game. Liked it so much he bought a new 72 inch 4k TV to play it on. Even though he hadn't gamed in years. Bigger TV made his wife happy too. Which is always a good thing.