Iptorrent Invites


Was checking in to see if anyone had any extra invites left. PM me if you have any, thank you.
I have Comcrap but pay $15 for a seedbox. If you don't use a seedbox you are doing it wrong... :p

edit: Prior to the Seedbox, yes I got 2 letters in the mail.
I have Comcrap but pay $15 for a seedbox. If you don't use a seedbox you are doing it wrong... :p

edit: Prior to the Seedbox, yes I got 2 letters in the mail.

Ratio: 147.61 Up: 5.43 TB Dn: 37.7 GB
Ratio: 8.027 Uploaded: 6.484 TB Downloaded: 827.23 GB

Off of Cox 50mbps//10mbps, the 2 sites Im on.
Still have invites here, others keep inviting those that have sent there request to me but due to different timezones I cannot respond at the same time you're on.

If anybody wants an invite please let me know, no yahoo or the like mail address is accepted. Gmail is ok
Besides using a seedbox or vpn, is there any way to use this site and not receive dmca notices?
Myself and others I know of that have been using IPT for quite a while, never received any DMCA notices. If there was an infringing torrent that would result in a nice DMCA email the torrent would be pulled from the site.

Only public torrent sites like piratebay and such can lead to DMCA notices.
Any invites left?

Been with TVT for over 10 years, 30TB (not a typo) worth of upload credit.
I would show a screen shot but their site's been down for almost two weeks :-/
Annual donor, dedicated 24/7 box, 65/15 internet.
Have a bunch of invites. If you want one, please send me a private message with your email address and a promise to seed.

Site seems down today :( Responding to pings though.

Hoping the silent black helicopters aren't involved. :p
Been using IPT since Jan and have yet to have any kind of notice about what I download. My stats Ratio: 20.12 Up: 2.65 TB Dn: 134 GB and I have 80+ torrents seeding at any given time.
Thanks for the info. At first I freaked out but then realized that so many people are members of the tracker and have donated that the only person that would probably be screwed is the owner.
Doesn't really affect me even though I'm an active member because I've never donated $ for credit points on IPT only download and seed.

RevTT is another different story. But I think the owner of IPT may also own RevTT. I've traced network traffic between various servers under the IPT and RevTT domains when the two sites weren't working for me one day and the trace led me to some Russian stuff.

EDIT: Still able to log in, got 3 invites again....
current user of IPT but would like to get an invite to RevTT. I have an almost 7:1 ratio and have been a member of IPT for a few years. PM me and I can send you a screen shot of my ipt account for proof
The only luck you're going to have getting in Revtt is after new years they have open registration but very limited. Or invites from other users which only are given if you donate.
Yeah it's just right after NY in early Jan. Don't miss out, open registrations usually user count limited.
I have an endless stream of invites coming in now... PM me with your email and a promise to seed. Pm's who do not read my full post get a Willy Wonka picture. It's not long. :rolleyes:
I know it's a long shot, but is there anyone willing to send out a Blackcats invite? I haven't found a comfortable home since UG bit the dust.

Really looking forward to building up another retro library and share ratio but can't find a decent place. (Either that or recommendations for alternatives would be appreciated)
I have 3 hd-torrent invites. Would like to trade for hdwing or ptp. Any takers?