Iptorrent Invites


Sep 9, 2008
I started this thread moons ago( wow 6 years) and never realized it would be going this long and have this many peoples posting/wanting invites. I still have PMs every few months when I log in. I would like to post a few suggestions to help people seeking invites out.

Please if you PM me or anyone else, PLEASE INCULDE YOUR FRAKING EMAIL in the pm. Nothing worst them someone asking for an invite then me having to PM them backing asking for their email to send them an invite. I have honestly stopped replying to those people(sorry).

Please if you do get an Invite and join. All I and others ask is SEED, seed, seed and seed some more please.

Thanks and please enjoy.
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When I said I have one too. That means I wanted one. Some random ppl are pming me now asking for it.
3 more. Also if anyone knows of a good tracker with LOTS(bearstein bears, Calliou, backyardigians etc) of kids style stuff lmk please.
I have 3 extra invites to IPT... Just PM me with your email and I'll add you.. First Come, first served basis
can i have some please?

Please and thank you

(let me know for demonoid codes, i've put some if used i'll get some more next month :))
I have three invites available. PM me with your email.

Would like to try out other sites, but not necessary. :)

edit: all gone. that was quick.
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