Iptorrent Invites

Looking for an invite to really any private torrent site....I'm among the unwashed masses, please help.
Looking for a good private music tracker if anyone has one. Thanks!
Would like to get an invite to ipt and private games (preferably with non-scene games also) tracker. Since blackcats are unavailable for more than half year and its future doesnt look too bright I'm looking to find a replacement :( Can send a pic of my ratio on other private trackers (positive...) and I can be clasified as a "power user" with more than 10+ TB up/down and that is not including freeleech :)
Just in case some people didn't know, good ole demonoid has been online since March, just found out today. :eek:
ALL GONE! No invites left.

IPTorrents has a new rule--the invites must be used within 3 days.
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I have 5 IPT invites.
looking for private e-book tracker in exchange.

PM me for trades
I have 3 invites. Any can recommend any Japanese anime torrent sites? Not just any, but ones that have cartoons popular in Japan such as Doraemon and other domestically ones?
I have three invites.

Also looking for a private high quality music tracker , as well as a private e-book tracker if anyone has invites or recommendations.
PM me with your email address (required by IPTorrents).

Edit: All gone
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Got a few as well, you gotta seed back or else you'll just get banned.

PM for those interested. Anyone with invites to the HDbits trackers?
I'm seriously having a hard time getting rid of my 3 invites. But people jump all over revTT invites which I also seem to have.