HTC Receives 2,300 Submissions for Vive Tracker


Fully [H]
Apr 10, 2003
HTC says that it has received 2,300 submissions from VR developers for a chance at 1,000 HTC Vive Tracker units. They are going to keep the submissions open as they review the applications. The HTC Vive Tracker is the device that you can attach to a baseball bat, tennis racket, etc and track it's movement like you would a regular VR controller. The possibilities are endless for this device as it can utilize anything in the real world and track it in a VR world.

Nice to see such a robust interest in the device. Things like this where you can use real world objects in a VR title will drive innovation and sales. I know plenty of people that can swing a bat, but are clueless what the A, B, or C buttons on a controller are for.

“We are already seeing fresh thinking for VIVE Tracker and we couldn’t be more excited by the breadth and depth of the applications we’ve received,” said Daniel O’Brien, GM, US and EMEA, HTC VIVE. “For us, the tracker represents an important investment in the VR community to grow the future of VR without limits on experimentation.”

Developers that got in early and have seen their submissions approved should begin to see the trackers arrive as shipments began last week.
This seems pretty damned cool

At the same time, I feel like there is an entire TV show dedicated to what can go wrong when people swing things, especially while blindfolded.

It was demo'd at CES, there's quite a few cool videos of it. Many of the new VR guns have two, one on the front-top and one on the rear-top, so that you get accurate sight alignment. It'll probably do wonders for games like H3VR.
Guns and bats are nothing. Mount one to each foot, one your waist, and you have full body tracking. (HardOCP covered this recently)