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  • I warned you I'd be back! I gave Ubuntu Mate + PlayonLinux a shot, had a couple questions:

    1. One game, Worldshift, I couldn't running. I posted the debug log:
    I tried it on WinXP 32 bit and Win7 64 bit.

    2. Forcing AA through the Nvidia control panel doesn't seem to work on anything in WINE. I tried 4x MSAA and 4x SSAA.

    Let me know if you have any advice, thanks!
    1. Best use pastebin to post logs please.
    2. If the AA isn't forcing like that, then that's an nVidia bug. You should report it to them so they get it fixed.

    I'll check out the log when you put it up on pastebin.
    Because I don't know all the problems I'm going to run into yet. I guess you can give me some quick tips for the following though:

    -recommended general procedure / troubleshooting for getting an older Windows game running on WINE that's too obscure to have a profile or be listed on WineHQ
    -How to force antialiasing (MSAA / SSSA) for games in WINE via Nvidia drivers (is it just through Nvidia control panel?)
    1. Which game? Have you tried just running it with a newer version of WINE? I find PlayOnLinux can be a good tool for old games. I TOTALLY want to cover old games too! Old games run poorly on Windows, but often better on Linux! :D
    2. If you want to force AA settings, the "Nvidia X Server Settings" app (effectively control panel) is where you would want to do that.
    420 char limit on this sucks (wall post)
    I may bug you later on for Linux gaming advice. I also plan on making a Youtube video where I test Windows 7, Windows 10, and Linux on a lot of older obscure games and see how the compatibility results are.
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