How much RAM you got?

How much RAM is installed on your rig?

  • 4GB or less

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  • 4GB+

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  • 8GB+

    Votes: 14 2.3%
  • 12GB+

    Votes: 1 0.2%
  • 16GB+

    Votes: 112 18.2%
  • 32GB+

    Votes: 305 49.7%
  • 64GB+

    Votes: 161 26.2%
  • 128GB+

    Votes: 14 2.3%
  • 256GB+

    Votes: 6 1.0%
  • 512GB+

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Mar 31, 2005
Curious to see what the RAM requirements are amongst [H] users.

I've just moved from 16 to 32GB, bit of futureproofing, RAM is cheap just now.
Ive got 32gb 4x8 but not because i really needed it. 16gb had been plenty. I caught a sweet deal on hyperx rgb ddr4 4000 when they first came out. The price was filthy for the ics so i almost felt obligated.
I have 32GB. I upgraded it recently since I was running out of ram with only 16GB.

But I did find the reason I was running out of ram,

I had 64gb (4x 16) in my previous x99 build but switching to x470 and now x570 made that a negative since AMD with 4 filled ram slots runs slower (for me) than just 2.

And I really don't need more than 32gb at home anyway, so all downside and no upside to it.
16GB... 4x4GB... as I'm on X99 still it's running as Quad Channel. :) Been looking for a reason to upgrade, but am still maxing games out at 2k or 4k with good FPS. Even some of my most demanding games rarely go above 12GB usage in RAM, so 16GB has been great. Single rank sticks too, so I have insanely tight timings configured on them.
Been struggling with my 8GB DDR3 since last year but I refuse to buy more DDR3 ram lol, I'm waiting to get a nice offer on a Intel/AMD newer combo then I'll get at least 16GB DDR4.
32GB 4x8 16 probably would have been fine but since I went with an RGB kit when I first built and it, only 16GB at first, I decided to get another kit to fill all 4 slots so purely for looks at the time. Then I upgraded to a faster kit when I switched from a R5 2600 to an R9 3900x.
x99 using my 5820k 4x 8gb dominator

Just bought another 4x 8gb but it might be DOA but still working on diagnosis

still getting good FPS, but might upgrade mobo/cpu when ddr5 comes out
32gb 4x8gb. Overkill for my needs really since I pretty much only game. Probably going to take one set out and work a nice OC since it's b-die.
64GB (8x8) in my current system, and I have 64GB (4x16) waiting for my new rig (CLX). I don't get close to using it all, but I do run up against 32 a lot so it made sense. Might move the new one up to 192 someday if I ever start running into 64, but DDR4 speeds/capacity just aren't maturing the way DDR3 did.
Ryzen TR box I went 32gig. The x58 Xeon box I just inherited is 48gig, everything else is still at 16. But that will change. 4c/8t I was comfortable with 16gig. 8c/16t I'd probably still do 16gig. More cores though, more ram
16GB is more than adequate for everything I do.

x99. 6850k. 4x4GB quad channel.
32GB purely because I had 32GB before & wasn't going to step down even if I wasn't using it all. On old system (Z87 TUF) it maxed out at 32GB. Also I don't like faffing around anymore too much due to health reasons so if it is overkill for my needs, I won't be needing to kill myself upgrading every 5 minutes.
currently using 16gb, my next build im working on now will have 32gb
My main workstation/desktop has 96GB and my old server has 128GB. Pretty sure the rest all have 8GB.
16gb is enough for most uses. But I have noticed some places where it isn’t enough.

The new cod will use about 12gb when you’re playing it. So if you like to have things open while playing you could max out 16gb.

I also noticed my work pc I can fill up 14gb on the daily. That’s mostly because of have lots of chrome and ff tabs open.

I just went to 32gb in my desktop. Was watching buildzoid video on Ryzen and single and dual rank memory. To get quad rank I had to go 32gb.
I was on 8 gb but when I started building OpenWrt for my routers made the jump to 16 gb. I build OpenWrt in WSL2. The ram I have is Team Group Vulcan T-Force 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 PC4-24000C16 3000MHz CPU is amd Ryzen 5 2600
Older Intelxi72600k systems all had 8GB on Windows 7 Pro x64.

Both my new Ryzen 3900X systems have 32GB each. One has Gskill TridentZ 4x8GB 3600C15 (b-die) and the Gskill Neo 2x16GB C16 (Hynix DJR). Windows 10 Enterprise on each.
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64 gb of samsung b die at 3600 c16, never cared or tried to push it further. Memtest/prime/linepack stable.

(on my 3900x)
I had 32GB in the shiney Ryzen build I had to sell and now I'm at 12GB of random DDR3 sticks on the ol' FX-8230 shitbox... honestly my usage is so modest (even with the 1080P video work I do) that the memory downgrade hasn't been an issue. I'm probably an outlier with memory usage amongst "power users" in that I don't really multi-task and almost never browse the internet at all on the big machine and when I do I only have a couple tabs open at a time. Memory goes a lot further with only a single application running at a time!
Honestly there has to be some sort of conspiracy between memory makers and software developers because everything uses more RAM than it should need

There's no reason a browser should need half a gig of ram to display a plain text webpage

These fucking game clients are a dime a dozen, can't get a game without needing a new store client.

Discord and the rest of the bloat apps sucking my resources dry for no reason
32 GB on my 7 year old i5-4670k everyday workstation. 144 GB on one of my SQL servers is the max, but I have 14 computers in my house. Older or single use ones (like a HTPC) have 4GB, daily drivers have 8GB, and a few like workstations or servers have 16-48.
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32 GB on the dev box because it sometimes has to run multiple query engines for testing at multiple GB per instance. 16 GB on pretty much everything else including the cluster nodes. 24 GB on the iMac simply because it came with 8 and the simplest add was an additional 16 (not going to pay Apple's memory prices).
32 GB on my 7 year old i5-4670k everyday workstation. 144 GB on one of my SQL servers is the max, but I have 14 computers in my house. Older or single use ones (like a HTPC) have 4GB, daily drivers have 8GB, and a few like workstations or servers have 16-48.

Are you using SQL server enterprise on that machine?
I got 16gb in my new Ryzen 2600 ITX pc that I use for gaming and normal everyday boring stuff..

Its been enough.