Google Pixel 3


[H]ard as it Gets
Apr 8, 2009
Well, I just got back from the Google recommended uBreakiFix store near me. They kept my Pixel 3 for the better part of 6 hours and couldn't figure out how to fix it. They replaced the camera module and that didn't fix the problem. They believe it has something to do with motherboard and suggested I contact Google again and press them for a replacement device even though it is out of warranty.

Total cost to me for a breakdown of my device and to determine there are no hardware issues: $0.00

Since then, I took the device home and flashed the OG firmware from Sept. 2018 on it (Android 9) and it didn't make a difference. Same camera problems.

Contacted Google...they pretty much told me I'm SOL unless I want to send it in for diagnostics at which point they would advise me what the cost would be. Since uBreakiFix told me it's a likely motherboard issue, I'm not going to do that. I ended up just trading it in toward a Pixel 3a. Obviously a downgrade, but at least I'll get a working camera and a full year of warranty now.
Unless you rely on wireless charging or water resistance, I doubt you'll miss much, even in performance, going to the 3a. Plus you gain a headphone jack if you care about that too. My son'd 3a XL has been great so far at least.