General pcie-4.0 question

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    Oct 9, 2008
    why isnt intel jumping in on the pci-e 4.0 stuff like amd is? Is it because its going to short lived or so i was told\heard?

    Wouldnt Intel wanna make more money by doing this anyway and being competitive?
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    Jan 14, 2006
    The best rumors I can find point to say the 10nm problem is delaying everything else.

    They may have axed PCIe 4.0 until 2020 so they can get 10nm out in quantity by the end of the year.

    There's nothing stopping them from releasing 4.0 in a refresh. It's what they did with 3.0 on the mainstream platform. They will be a little late, but not to late.

    Remember: all those years of Piledriver sales didn't slow down just because it was all PCIe 2.0.
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    Nov 27, 2011

    Because their management team is a mega-sloth conglobulated greed-mongering clusterf*ck, thats why....

    They think 'cause they have more money than God, they can just screw around and do whatever they want whenever & however they want :(

    Prove me wrong, and I'll send you a smiley gift completely free of charge, hahahaha

    And FYI, 10nm is NOT the issue here, regardless of what some people insist on believing...
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    Jan 21, 2017
    So PCI-E 4.0 is "late" and intel will likely be skipping 4.0 and move dirrectly to 5.0

    " Intel’s new Compute eXpress Link technology, which builds upon the PCIe 5.0 physical standards. CXL is Intel’s own cache coherent connect, set to work alongside (or compete, depending on who you ask) with GenZ and CCIX. Given Intel’s comments on CXL, it’s clear that when PCIe 5.0 is ubiquitous, it intends to bring its add-in card portfolio to run either on CXL, PCIe 5.0, or both."