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  • First of all Tesla is a product designed for a computer that is a Tesla system. Tesla the technology involves the whole bundle, not just a chip or card. I know a lot about the technology, my company owns 20 Tesla supercomputers.
    Secondly, you may not care about mobile gaming, but a vast majority of the world seems to, since it is a huge chunk now of gaming revenue. Also I never mentioned once that my discussion was about AMD vs Nvidia, and I definitely didn't confine it to the desktop market.
    I don't know why you can't get CUDA to help with your games. I had 8800GTXs in SLI and ran CUDA on them, they improved almost all my games. CUDA is not just for PhysX, it can help offload other physics processing from the CPU onto the GPU where it is more efficient. As for Eyefinity, that is nice that it helped improve your experience, but it didn't change mine at all, infact it doesn't work as well as the solutions I already had for multi-screen gaming.
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