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  • hey, since you have the V3450, I would like to ask if you know or aware about the switchable graphics open CL/GL issue? and do you know any solutions for it? thanks!
    HDMI issues and the third one still has the same problem so I just gave up and limited the system to 720p. Funny thing is it plays blu-rays just fine in go figure...the 360 works just fine using the same cable and input on the TV at 1080p /60
    "I have had to replace my slim twice and it sucked that I had to format the drive TWICE and since my game saves were copy protected, I lost those as well"

    Can I ask why you've had to replace your slim twice man? The reason I ask is because I've thought about getting a slim recently to replace a 60GB but I wasn't sure. I lost my $600 60GB PS3 to the YLOD and have been more or less apprehensive to send it back for repair for their shitty automatic $150. If the slim is another pile, I'll probably end the considerations.

    Thanks man,
    Paul/ bboynitrous
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