DOOM 3 is too scary for me


Limp Gawd
Apr 17, 2004
is anyone else in the same boat? I don't like being scared, and this game is just to much for me :(
You haven't been scared until you play Clive Barker's Undying.

I don't scare easily, but I wont even touch that game anymore, it freaks me out.
NO kidding man! Undying really tries to scare you. Although I must share the story of my first real gaming experience. I bought Unreal kinda soon after it came out because my family had recently gotten a new PC. Up until this point I had just played a ton of shareware stuff from the 486 days. That game constantly had my heart beating a million miles a minute. It ended up stressing me out so much I put it away for a few years until I was a more seasoned gamer! Haha, I still laugh at that.
Well, if it's anything like AvP or AvP2, then I'm scared.

Didn't finish these two games because of the marine level. Call me a wuss but I just couldn't deal with it :D
AvP2 made me jump a couple times, I remember. Great use of sound/music. That music would come on and I would be like "Oh crap, something nasty is coming..."
I'll go with AvP, the original being a bit stressful at times. Mostly the skittering facehuggers in the dark. AvP 2 wasn't, and I doubt doom3 really will be. Atmoshperic, sure, but not really scary.

I could be wrong, I'd dig another game that gets you on the edge of your seat.
Unless your under the ago of 10 or have no balls, I don't see this being "too scary" not to play....... its a video game.. not real life. :p
Doom 3 looks awesome but I'm not really into games that try to scare you. I may buy it and give it a shot though, even if it scares the shit out of me.

Do people plan on making mods and whatnot for it?
Undying=very scary
AVP2=somewhat scary
Suffering=not very scary

Doom 3=probably a few scary moments. But then again, I'm only playing the game between 8PM and 3AM alone in the dark.
conscript said:
i seriously hope you are all joking...

*uh-oh, can't let anyone know I'm not a tough guy* Well yea, sure, of course I was joking. Get in the kitchen and make me a pie, I'm a man!
I seriously CANNOT play Undying in the dark with my headphones. I shit you not, that games freaks me out that much.

I remember when Doom first came out and I bought the shareware version on 3 floppies at Babbages in the mall. I remember being so scared after playing the second level that I couldn't walk down the hallway for fear that those pink monsters would come around the corner. I took it back the shareware to Babbages I couldn't stand it.
I really can't imagine how freaked out I would be if pink monsters attacked me...

I think I would just have to tell them to go away or spank them!

Games are not scary, gamers are ;)
Haha, my scariest game was THIEF 1...

omfg, I loved that game, but I got stuck on that cave level w/ the zombies... the zombies were the only reason I couldn't go any further in that game...

I rememeber trying so many times to just ignore the zombie sounds... and I've even turned of my speakers playing that level... but getting jumped by surprise-zombies was even worse.

Sigh... I dunno if I'll ever finish that game...
Oh yea... I couldn't play doom shareware w/o using iddqd...

I rememeber Quake 2 being the very first game I ever played w/o god mode on...

After I beat that, I went back to finsih doom and quake1 w/o the cheats.

doom is MESSED UP if you think about it... they hid all these monsters behind RANDOM WALLS.. wtf is that?!

so like, you'll pick up a key, and suddenly walls would open in front and behind you w/ a million monsters! haha wtf kinda scary shit is that?!

I literally fell out of my chair the first time a face-hugger got me in AvP. All the scuttling in the dark scared the :eek: out of me. My bro was in the room and he still gives me crap for it.
The part where I got to be the alien felt so good after being repeatedly eaten as a marine.
Undying was even scarier. I've been waiting since then for another truly scary game, and I think its almost here....
If you are frightened by a game, it doesn't mean you are a pussy, it means you have a great imagination and can immerse yourself in the game world. It's a great feeling to be so into a game..

...Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight...I wasn't scared, but I got serious vertigo from some of the bottomless pits and shit. Man, the Empire does not have OSHA, that's for sure.

Half-Life I swear made me shit my paints about 1000 times because of those damn Head Crabs jumping out of nowhere.
ignitionxvi said:
is anyone else in the same boat? I don't like being scared, and this game is just to much for me :(

uh, i dont think so, its a game, the monsters aren't really going to hurt you.. there is no possible chance of harm..
those big fish in halflife made me shit my pants a few times before I figured out how to spot them. The arms in the missile silo were pretty freaky too, tap tap tap tap tap. I loved how random people who just get grabbed and taken from your view, farcry tried it but didnt do to well.
Another vote for AvP. That is not the game to play at 3am with headphones on in the dark. The upside to playing the game is shooting the Marines' heads off with the spear gun. :D
wasnt there a story a while back of some of these games giving "less seasoned gamers" heart attacks and panic attacks? I could believe that happening. And yes I jump every so often when playing those types of games.

I mean, No! Never! Not me!
/me goes chop wood in 100 degree heat with a chisel.....
Undying scared the everloving piss out of me.

I can't put my finger on why it was so creepy, but it was.

The noises, the random painting changes and such.

I HATED how I would be walking around using Scyre or whatever that other vision was, and I would look at a picture... and like the picture would be all messed up.

God, that game rocked so hard.

There is not a scarier setting than a dark, stormy, haunted Irish peninsula.

(It was in Ireland, right?)
the silent hill series fucked me up hardcore. They are just so wierd and disturbing....
Alone in the Dark 1 was pretty freaky back in the day... Such a great atmosphere, and the music was pretty scarey, too! :eek:
LOL...this past lan I went to I was leeching files and decided to fire up Doom2, my ass still
got startled a couple of times. Now I'm gonna have to go out and find a copy of Undying.

I like getting scared, I dont get much startled by horror movies anymore...and I have to
mention SHADOWMAN on the Dreamcast. I got creeped out a buncha times, since I played
on a 40" big tube, at night.
I kind of jump while playing scary games, but I do remember the first time I played HL and I was just going through a vent and I turn to the right and a head crab jumped at my face... I literally threw my keyboard and mouse.
I don't think I've ever been immersed enough in a PC game to be scared because there's this constant nagging voice in the back of my head saying "DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE, SLACKER" whenever I'm playing a game on a machine that I originally bought for doing work. Not that it stops me from playing lots and lots of games. :)

Techx said:
uh, i dont think so, its a game, the monsters aren't really going to hurt you.. there is no possible chance of harm..

That's like saying the entire horror genre in both movies and books can't be scary because TV images can't come out and harm you.
I'm hoping it will be damn scary. My friends and I used to hang out at each other's house at night during like 6th and 7th grade (man how long ago was that?) and play Doom and Doom2 with the headphones and we would find outrselves being scared all the time. Heh, quake was pretty scary too, be walking down some hallway or something then all of a sudden hear that hssing from a Scrag, just creepy. Then the same scenario later through some catacombs or something and there would be one of those Vores the spider looking thingies and that hideous sound they made, very startling. Then all of a sudden you would run into one of those Shambler creatures and just run and try to hide behind anything you could find and hopefully kill him from somewhat of a distance. Man those were great times. I'm very hopeful that they return with Doom 3, and I'm pretty optimistic.

Edit: Hell I think I am going to pull out my old Quake shareware cd and install it and play it again. Edit2: Eh gotta find out how to make the thing run under XP, errg.
My votes goes for undying too...i did not get far in this game before puting it on the shelf and forgeting about it...

Ive always been a big Clive Barker fan.... but undying was just nasty!... I mean... when a "ghost" appear and attacks you... its ok... but when a ghost appears mumble something that you cant ear (probably not english anyway) and just goes away ..... that already got you on the edge of your seat, then something falls from the celling.... fu*k! hehe

Also been scared by Resident Evil on PS1 when i was younger (in 96.... i was...13...)... i remember turning down the volume of my tv and putting nirvana cds because i was scared as fu*k (woah i listened to that back then....) It somehow got associated, everytime i replayed RE, i felt there was some grunge music missing...heh
IxGOxSOLO: get GLQUAKE or WINQUAKE... as simple as that ;) or glqwcl if you wanna play online....
nlz242 said:
IxGOxSOLO: get GLQUAKE or WINQUAKE... as simple as that ;) or glqwcl if you wanna play online....
Thanks. I saw that while searching for a solution, I'll give it a try. I was horror stricken when i found out it wouldn't play. I guess it has been that long since I last played it.
Doom3 wont be scary, something freaky will just crawl outta the wall and you stick him to the roof with a ghetto blaster, LMFAO ;)