Corsair Vengeance RAM Giveaway! 5 12GB Kits!

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Corsair is great because they're name conjures up images of the high seas and gold doubloons. Need I say more?
Because on the Corsair website there is an option worded something like "I know what I'm doing and the ram needs replaced". Which I've had to use twice, but Corsair's customer service has been nothing but professional and absolutely top notch, replacing bad sticks without question and in a more than timely manner. It is hard to leave a company that treats its customers that well.
beacuase it works, and for a while its all I ran on my folding farm!!
Used nothing but for years. Never disappointed. Ram guy offers great support!
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I've built many systems for myself and others using Corsair and it's never let me down. I'd love a chance to sport these bad boys in my own system!
Corsair RAM is badass because Corsair makes the best stuff. period.

My next build will be in a Corsair 800D, powered by a Corsair 950TX and cooled by a Corsair H70. Give me the ram to complete it! :D
Corsair kicks as sbecause of their customer support, product quality, and the best quality control and RMA support in the industry!:D:D
Corsair RAM is by far the best! I have built countless systems in my day and every build I do, I am always sure to put Corsair RAM in them. They are the most reliable and compatible RAM out there. I have builds a decade old that have Corsair RAM overclocked and they are still going strong, stable and as good as the day they were built. Good Job, Corsair!
Corsair, kicks ass! That's the ticket! Had some XMS2 sticks fail and there was no issue with replacements.
I've always got great performance out of my Corsair memory, going back to the XMS line. One of the few memory manufacturers that maintain an open forum and actively discuss any compatability issues that arise (again thinking of the P4P800 board and early days of the P4 northwood).
Why? Because it looks like an evil comb.

Seriously, the RAM is so bad assed it looks like the comb an evil doctor bent on world domination would own...
Fast, stable, mega overclockable. 120% whoopass! With Corsair ram I achieved the highest percentage OC I've ever achieved on a locked multiplier CPU and the ram never skipped a beat.
For us impatient folk who picked up a Proc without an unlocked multiplier, their stability makes life just that much easier.
After owning several sticks of Corsair RAM in the past, a power supply and a new case, Corsair has given me a great experience and I look forward to working with these in the future.
Corsair kicks ass because they only make the best. The 800D is a wicked looking case, I only wish they were a bit cheaper so I could pick one up. I have Corsair ram in my PC right now because the OCZ was junk that needed a RMA. I would love to have even more Corsair ram.
Corsair always lasts forever, I'm still running their Dominator in a old back-up AMD dual core Athlon 64 system.
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