Corsair Vengeance RAM Giveaway! 5 12GB Kits!

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Corsair has time and experience behind them, along with an excellent track record. If you're looking for high performance RAM for your OCing needs, they definitely will have a product in their lineup for you. I recently found an old stick of Corsair RAM and it brought back fond memories of building that rig. XMX3200C2 if I remember correctly (OK I'm lazy the RAM is in the basement and I'm upstairs heh).

Not sure why these people are mentioning their support; Corsair kicks ass because I've never had to use their support for any of their products. Too reliable.
I have used nothing but Corsair in every computer I have built! When I would try to replace it with something else in another persons machine, that replacement would always fail prematurely. I have NEVER had an issue with Corsair and that's why I keep supporting them!
Hmm, it's some of the highest quality, best over clocking ram that money can buy. And they use some of the best most inventive cooling solutions. On top of that they make it look cool!!!!!
IN! Choose them for my current system for a reason, no finer ram on the market.
Great cooling devices ( I love my H50!) renowned power supplies, and iconic memory( have owned several sets)!
Of all the memory brands over the years Corsair is the only manufacturer of computer memory that I have not had to RMA their products. Very impressive. Kingston, OCZ, Crucial, etc I have to RMA due to one or more sticks failing...Corsair never.
Corsair has a loooong history of performance and innovation, thus Corsair > everyone. 'cept maybe Ditka.
Corsair ram kicks ass because when discussing system builds with trusted friends, the first choice or suggestions for ram without question is always Corsair.
that RAM really looks badass! I've used a ton of Corsair products, from SSDs to RAM, to PSUs and NEVER had a single issue. There's no other manufacturer that I can think of that I can say that about, and I've been building for 15 years.
All you need to do is look at it to see why it kicks ass. It looks like a spiky nanosuit from Crysis.
There's only two RAM brands I tell people to go with then they ask. Corsair is the first one, and I tell them if they can't get Corsair for whatever reason (usually because they were slow and it's out of stock), get the other one. One failed/defective module in 20 years keeps them on my list. I expect the same will be true of Corsair once they hit that mark.

Corsair is in probably half the systems I own right now. and I've never had a Corsair module fail on me.

Oh and the single best reason Corsair kicks ass? NO SEALED BLISTER PACKAGING. As leader of the world, my second act (after Global No Pants Day) will be to make the use of sealed blister packs punishable by death.
the Ram kicks ass, because it is built for use like a tank, and looks like it has been designed to look like a piece of military hardware.
Corsair RAM kicks ass for their professional forum support on RAM issues and advice.
I have run Corsair ram in all of my systems since the release of DDR. They offer the best performance and reliability around without the price being stupid.
Corsair kicks ass because they stand by their products. And I've always been satisfied with their ram.
I bought my first "PC" in 1998,and I replaced the memory with Corsair in early 1999. I started building my own computers in late 1999 and have built several for my wife and I and some for my friends.I have used Corsair pretty close to exclusively.

Corsair memory kicks ass because in all that time I have never had to "rma" even 1 stick , and I HAVE NEVER had a stick FAIL....NOT ONE

(the set I am using now looks so good that I would marry it if it were legal in my state!)
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