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  • Hey man, have you got any keys to Mirrors Edge left? I would be happy if you could give me one of them ;) Thanks.
    Could I please have any medal of honor keys? I don't mind if there isn't any, but it's cool that you're even giving them out. For Origin.
    if u have any xtra MOH/Mirror's Edge key left that u can't give away to others , please give it to me !! (Only if u can't find any other needy person cuz i dont want to act like a selfish prick ) :D and thanx for Burnout Paradise !! really loved it :)
    can u please send me a key for Burnout if possible ?? if not den any other game with multiplayer will suffice ...........:)
    Hey man! Could I please get Mirrored Edge for origin because of my awesome name? Haha actually I would really appreciate it, thanks!
    Could I please get Medal Of Honor please, origin? Can't buy this pack since don't have credit card or even bank account
    Do you still have Crysis 2 Maximum Edition, Dead Space, Medal of Honor, or Mirror's Edge Humble Bundle keys for Origin?
    now im upto 160 GPU offset and running fine and i just realized i can bump the voltage on these in precision, these suckers are cool and quiet thats for sure. Im going to email EVGA and see if i can get some free games lol. You think going to Haswell with 3 full PCI express 3.0 16X lanes are goin to net me anymore FPS?
    Hey golden these things are overclocking great!!!!! Im upto 140 GPU OFFSET , MEM CLOCK 85, and Fan at only 60% and its rock solid all 3 cards and i cant even hear the fans. Looping 3dmark to check it and gonna keep puching them.
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