Corsair Vengeance™ 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 Memory Kit Drawing

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I like that every set of Corsair memory I've ever purchased ran like a dream, overclocked just as well, and have never had to RMA a single thing.
I have 2GB of Corsair in my (5 year old) rig. Still rock solid. Corsair is a quality brand.
No drivel here just truths of pure.

They have been the only ram I will purchase. I have felt dirty like a husband seeing a massage parlor getting a no happy ending, they used their dirty feet. I feel like that, even though that I have cheated on them in the past, always treat me just like the day I found them. Always reliable. Always faithful. Which makes me love them even more. I have had them in all of my main rigs and looking forward to them when I do make the jump to DDR3. No other ram manufacture can keep up to corsair in my opinion. They survive all the abuse like a redheaded stepchild that has the spirit of a saint.

My favorite story is recent in my DDR2 rig. They were PC6400 sticks, 4-4-4-12 @ 2.1v. FIrst I went SMACK! to 3.6 the ram did not even flinch and was starting directly at me wondering that was all that I had. I went SMACK again and got to 3.8, not even a whimper. Then the ram all of a sudden shined rays of light down upon me and lifted me off the ground and showed me that I could go further and get my 4Ghz overclock and would love to be in that rig for the rest of their days. I did achieve my 4Ghz on a locked AMD Phenom II 945, and I took this ram to 445mhz 5-5-5-15 @2.1v and is like that to this day.

SO in short if you ask me what ram will treat you right no matter what you do, I say get Corsair because they will be waiting for you to return, because you always will.
I've used corsair ram since day 1 of building my own gaming rigs back in 1999. It's never failed for me 1 time. Great stuff and I will continue to rock corsair!!
I want a few sticks to use as a replacement decoration. The two fuzzy dice are looking a bit worn and beaten.
Corsair makes great memory. I got some dominators and the heatfins look great and seem to do pretty well at cooling memory at the same time. Great timings as well, and pretty cheap for their performance IMO.
I love Corsair because everything always works right out of the box.
Corsair has always been rock solid. In all my builds going forward (especially if I get some free....:D)
one of the few companies remaining that understands that a happy customer is a priority.
I'm getting up early at 2:00 AM every morning to deliver newspapers to accumulate cash for a new build, in a wife-approved manner. I was planning to buy Corsair RAM soon, so I'd love to be able to cross this off my list!
To be honest I've never owned anything from Corsair (always been to budget minded) but I like them because, unlike a lot of companies, they seem to have consistent kickassedness (that's a word, I swear) across their entire product line (according to reviews and word-of-mouth anyway).
I like Corsair because it hasn't failed me yet, unlike some other brands. Corsair in general makes good PSU, SSD's, water coolers, and RAM.
postin some of the drivels

serious though, getting new Corsair RAM is the only reason Id get rid of the old Corsair RAM
Love the Corsair quality. Except for the Builder Series PSUs ... seriously?
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I like those 3 sheets on the Corsair logo. It's like they are blowing a cold breeze over the RAM chips to cool them.
I would greatly appreciate some new RAMZ.

Everything in my computers that could be Corsair is.:D

PS......I never win anything.
haha I like how we can always post random bs and still enter... but seriously, I like their PSU's because they are rock solid reliable
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