Corsair Vengeance™ 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 Memory Kit Drawing

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I dig the quality put into the powersupply i got from them can only imagine that the ram would have the same kind of attention
I actually need some new ram. I own a few things made by Corsair and their quality is top notch. I would expect the ram to be the same way.
Corsair is awesome because they have a fantastic combination of high quality products and the wherewithal to stand behind their products with superb service and warranty support.
Would match the casing on a project i'm working on!

Are there going to be more colors after this? I could definately go for one in green or purple. (green aluminium's color is a little hit or miss..).

Anyway, I like corsair because they use pirate terms. :D
i bought this ram at microcenter and it is very good for sandybridge builds
Rock solid

I have Corsair memory, power supply and the H50 cooler and they all run my system rock solid.
Hmmm...Adata memory or Corsair memory. Let me consult Einstien, Eddison and Hawking on this one
I like Corsair because my 2x1gb XMS DDR-400 with black heatspreaders made me the coolest kid on the block
I like free stuff and am hoping one day I win something by posting in another one of these giveaways threads. :D
Well, I have nothing but issues with gskill memory lately, having to return set after set after set for my I7 990x machine.

I would LOVE a chance to switch companies, and see how Corsair is.
So far, I've only bought one of their PSU's but its been working flawlessly. Lemme try some RAMs. :D
I have never had any major problems with a Corsair product. I love their PSUs, very solid, and the RAM is amazing!
Excellent products and fantastic Customer service (I got to experience the CS when I blew out my memory with a major ESD)!
Corsair has been around a long time, and they are tried an tested products.

I would be very satisfied with some ram like this.
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