Antec Case & PSU Combo Lucky Draw!!!!!

I like Antec's Power supplies and Cases cuz they're very affordable. The quality is superb. I love their Mini P180 unfortunately it's already out of stock in our country.
Loved Antec PSUs since my Trusty ole Neo Power 480 I had in my AMD Athlon 64 rig...Great Power, Great Warranty!
I've always liked the build quality of Antec cases. Antec was one of the first cases I modded.
Love the cases, rely on the power supplies. It's the only type I use. Haven't had a new build in this household in a few years, looks like it is time. This would be the base for the new system.
I have used Antec quite a bit over the years for both case and PSU needs and they have always taken care of me. Good quality product with a variety of options to suite most any need and budget. Thanks to Kyle and team for partnering Antec.
Have had several Antec cases over the years and am still rockin one! Antec always gets consideration for my power supplies also never heard a bad thing about them.
I've used Antec cases and power supplies in the past and have found both to thoughtfully designed and carefully constructed.
My first Antec product was a Super Lanboy case, then I had 2 or three Antec Twocool fans. More recently I was the happy owner of an Antec Earthwatt PSU.
I still have the case and the PSU running :) Is that a sufficient proof of the good reliability of Antec products ?
Sleek, clean, minimalist designs. That's what I love about Antec's Cases. I can't say much about Antec's PSUs but from the looks of things(and reviews), they're pretty beefy, and that's what I like about them. :)
I mostly like the cases of ANTEC. My first tower ever was a 300. Then i bought a power HCG that is still awesome!
Always loved the bag for the buck that Antec offered. I miss my original Lanboy.
This is now closed. Winners announced on Monday!!!!
OK, we got all our winners rounded up for the Antec Lucky Draw. Congrats to:

I'll have to make a new system that will make better use of that HCP 1000 :D Perfect timing though, thinking about making a trip to Kansas City's Microcenter and picking up a cheap 2500k+mobo combo so I can use my old parts for a dedicated htpc. Then I'll either upgrade my video card or see what my options are when Haswell comes out.
Great products by Antec. There cases are also top notch. Great design without going overboard.