Antec Case & PSU Combo Lucky Draw!!!!!


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May 18, 1997
Antec Case & PSU Combo Lucky Draw!!!!!


Antec has FOUR case and power supply unit combination sets to give away to four lucky [H]ardOCP readers!

The rules are simple. Post ONCE on this thread to enter the lucky draw telling us what you like about Antec, its cases and its power supplies. Eligible posting for the lucky draw will be open for two weeks. After the two weeks, we will randomly draw 4 posts from this thread and post the winners on via PM. Winners will have two days to respond to the PM to claim their prize. If a winner does not responed to the notification within that time, we will move to an alternate drawing and post the new winner until all the hardwares are spoken for.

This lucky draw is AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE.

Here are the combinations that will be given away:

Antec P280 Case ($99.99 at Amazon with Free Prime Shipping) & Antec HCP 1000 Watts Platinum PSU ($254.97 at Amazon with Free Prime Shipping)

Antec Eleven Hundred Case ($99.99 at Amazon with Free Prime Shipping) & Antec HCP 850 Gold PSU ($187.99 at Amazon with Free Prime Shipping)

Antec Three Hundred Two Case ($69.99 at Amazon with Free Prime Shipping) & Antec HCG 750 PSU ($94.99 at Amazon with Free Prime Shipping)

Antec One Case ($49.99 at Amazon with Free Prime Shipping) & Antec EA Platinum 650 PSU ($109.99 at Amazon with Free Prime Shipping)
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I like their PSU quality, plain and simple... review after review I generally see positive info from the sites that really stress-test them. Their cases are mostly nice, non-overly-flashy designs, too.
Always liked Antec Products. The P180 was one of my favorite cases for a long, long time and still rocking a 300 in my son's rig. Antec PSU's typically are quite good and have always served me well.
I've owned many Antec products over the years. Always been happy with the quality and performance of their PSU's and cases. Good products for the money.
great value (as in you don't get crap) PSU. up there with corsair, 3 our out of the last 5 PSU have been the lower wattage antecs.
Antec has always provided rock solid performance for me. They are first choice for all my cases.
Love the quality and the amount of thought that goes into their cases and psu's. They strive for perfection and don't settle for less. :D
I love Antec PSU ... always reliable and stable! My P180 is still kicking ass and the rest of those cases look really sweet!
Cases are varied, built well with thoughtful features and the PSUs are like bricks and last forever. That's waht I like.
I loved their P182, always quiet enough even when I am sleeping. When I rebuilt my system, I knew I should of spend a tad more on a P280 instead :D
Me please! I don't win things, and I love antec, so it would all fit perfectly :)
Been using Antec Cases for ages now. The three hundred has been the standby in household. Just recently built a great customer unit in an Antec Solo 2.

While I don't use Antec PSUs often myself, I do know that they mostly high quality units that consistently hold high, if not top honors. It would be nice to have one to fiddle with to see if my shops affair with Corsair is over after their ram started having issues. Maybe Its time to jump ship all together.
I've always loved Antec products for their quality and craftsmanship, they never feel cheap to me.
Im in for the giveaway I Always use Antec's quality products even one bad psu i received does not change that!
I have always used Antec PSU's. They one I have now has seen nearly constant use for five years now, and it's still going strong.
Love my gunmetal antec p182b but I would love an upgrade even more. Havent had the pleasure of using an antec psu ....yet.
Had an Antec TruePower 1k Watt PSU. It was a champ, and my very first case that really got me into Computer building was an Antec P180.
A contest entrant is me! I still have the first ATX case I bought, an Antec. It was bought to house my Abit BX6 slot 1 motherboard when it was spanking new, and held many upgrades since.
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Love their simple yet very functional and reliable designs, good value with good quality casework.

Love the understated looks, too.

I owned the P182 for years as my main rig. Loved it. Definitely an inspired design when it came out, and it still is a gorgeous case.
I have always liked Antec cases because they have a simple, elegant design that isn't stupidly over the top , aggressive. The build quality is also far better than their competitors.
Antec has some great looking and long lasting products. Still got a lanboy case from 2001 in use today.
I have only Antec cases and they are my preferred brand for psu's.
I own a couple Antec cases, and I like that they have a lot of nifty details, and are very reasonably priced.
Erm...they work?

I really like my DF's cooling and appearance. But damn if cable management isn't a bitch. And the CP-850 puts out reliable power, but putting the modular connectors on the far side of the case?

Antec and Google are the same to me. They go 99% of the way and then fumble inside the last yard.

I'm hearing they're changing, so I'm hoping beyond hope this is the case and it isn't just marketing. I'd like to see this for myself. :D
Heck yeah! I love Antec cases, last 3 builds have been in Antec's.

An old school case that I don't remember (basically an old old version of an NSK)
An Antec Solo (man I LOVED that case, so quiet, it annoyed me I had to get rid of it because the video card didn't fit when I rebuilt)
and the current machine is an Antec 900
Antec Sig 850W Psu here, wouldnt mind another quality antec product.
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I have loved the cases since my very first build back in 2003 or 04. I also had one of their PSU's which lasted me for my next build as well.

As to the company I really love the community events (read: gaming tournaments) they organize! I had a blast at the last one I participated in that they hosted along with Logitech!
I would love to have a new Antec case for my Sandy Bridge build :D
Been in this game for more than a few years now, and what I like about Antec is that their products always deliver quality at a reasonable price. I've used their cases, PSUs, fans, and some other bits, and everything worked out of the box until I retired it for newer gear. Always worked, always well priced - what more do you need?
I've always enjoyed Antec's power supplies. They are efficient, quiet, deliver a strong flow of power and have a great warranty. Antec's case selection is also good. The Twelve Hundred still hasn't broken after repeated flights out my window.