Antec Case & PSU Combo Lucky Draw!!!!!

I've always liked Antec products, started with their PSU many years ago and then moved onto cases. I'm still using an Antec 900, the build quality and design is absolutely top-notch and for the price couldn't be beaten at the time.
Have never been let down by Antec. My PSUs and cases are still going strong for many years.
Antec has always done good by me. I had an Antec AT power supply that ran strong for over 10 years.
Love the Great Quality! have always said:You can't buy CAN if you buy an Antec product :)
Oh yeah! I'm about to build a new computer it would be nice to be lucky and win some stuff for this. BTW these cases looks badass :)
I've loved my P180, easy to work in, good cable management, and nice and clean aesthetics.

Haven't had an Antec PSU yet, but the reviews I've read make them out to be all quality.
Antec is the best! I have used Antec cases for the last 3 builds and they have never disappointed me. My current rig is on a nine hundred.
I love the value that both their cases and PSUs provide. I might be able to find a cheaper option, but I know it will be inferior and not worth the savings.
Understated looks, good pricing for what you get, and a big selection to choose from. It was tough to not buy a 900 when i built this computer.

Thanks Antec for the contest! :)
I particularly like Antec for creating the venerable Performance One line of cases. They look classy and are excellent choices for those who value silence. And who can forget the legendary Antec High Current Pro series of power supplies? When you want a no nonsense and rock solid power supply, the HCP is among the top choices for builders around the world.
One of the very first computers that I built myself was built in a venerable Antec 1030B SOHO full tower case that included a Antec 300 watt power supply. It was built with the then new Socket A AMD system. That machine never gave me any problems and the Antec case seen many, many different builds using the original 300 watt power supply.

That, I feel, is a tribute to the quality and workmanship that is associated with the Antec brand of enclosures and power supplies.

To this day I still use many of Antec's cases and power supplies for myself and my customers systems as the quality is top notch and the price is very competitive.
My family owns four Antec cases because of their quality and functionality. Expectations are always met with them!
I like the simple and elegant styling of Antec cases, and the excellent reliability of Antec PSUs.
Very high quality gear on the enthusiast end, but even their "value" (earthwatts, neo) lines and entry level products have exceptional build quality. The Antec 300 case I recently did a build in felt much superior to its cost.
Still rocking my original antec case from 2000, but the power supply has been upgraded a few times, many times with reliable antec psus.
I'm a big Antec fan, currently using a p183 case and a true power Quattro 850w power supply and both have been reliable over the 2+ years I have had them.
1) No stupid door, 2) No stupid window. Okay, it looks like maybe the 280 has a stupid door, but three out of four ain't bad.
I like Antec because I can use them without any worries. From my own person use I haven't had one go bad; so great track record.

Cases are well built, and a great bang for the buck.
I've been using an Antec 900 case for over 4 years now. Airflow is great and my case temps rock. I am looking to build a new box and I will definitely be looking at a larger, Antec "x"-hundred case to begin my build!
Antec makes solid, quality cases -- this I know for sure. Their PSUs, however, I have not used. Please give me the chance and I'll make you proud.
I cant say much about the PSU but I love their cases. Especially any gunmetal colored case =)
I love the Neo Eco PSUs, fairly priced, powerful, and reliable. I've used several in builds and have never been disappointed.