Antec Case & PSU Combo Lucky Draw!!!!!

I like Antec because all of the products i've owned from them did what they had to and didn't break down. Good products for the money! I also love the Case design's.
Antec Cases are the best ! The design is unique and the best features of it is that the cases are reliable and last forever! Also the cooling and silent fans are a must have !
The Antec 1100 with the 850w gold psu would be an upgrade for me as I already have an Antec 300 case (but the first generation) but i cant fault it to be honest, its simple design is easy to work with from taking off the front panel to clean the dust filter, to installing a new CPU with the cutout to allow easy access from behind (PARDON!). Its has room galore even for the biggest GFX cards and it has plenty of cooling with space for 4x12cm fans (2x12cm fans came with the case as does the 14cm exhaust fan) and a 14cm exhaust fan on the top with a handy little speed selector on the 3 fans supplied by Antec with the case, you can adjust to your style whether you want quiet performance or a big breeze to cool everything while your gaming for all hours this case has really met my needs and gone beyond.

Now I'm not too familiar with their PSU line as i have had the same PSU for a long time now and i would like an upgrade and if its modular too that's an added bonus because if the Antec 300 case i own is anything to go by then I know I'm gonna be blown away with performance and a nice quiet fan that can keep it all cool while under a lot of use, hell i wouldn't even complain if i won the Antec 300 second edition case in this comp as this would just allow me to be future ready for USB3 when i eventually can afford to start upgrading again.

In a nutshell if I had to buy another case I can safely say I'd be buying another Antec case as if i use something that's singing quality to me I stick to it as I know I wont be disappointed as i already know what to expect.
I already have the 900-2 and I love it, but i'm looking into a new rig, and Antec seems like the place to be to start it!
Antec is great. My first custom built computer, which is about 9 years old now, used one of their mid-towers. It looked nice, and had a very nice flow of air allowing the system to keep cool.
I like the design of Antec cases, haven't had a PSU from them but they seem really good and would definitely be an upgrade to my current one.
I already have an antec earthwatts psu and is amazing, i would love to have an antec case because they got the best quality products and also great designs.
I've always bought Antec PSUs for my computers and they've never let me down! Never tried a case, but I like the way they look!!

Frankly, I don't know anything about Antec and its cases and power supplies. So why not send me the prize and I can review and tell whether it really is good or not. :)
I love antec ( as you can see by my name XD ) for there quality and origanality. I have not yet gotten to try any of the products due to the fact that I don't have the money. I am not complaining about the prices at all infact there quit decent. I also wanna thank all the employes who worked so hard to bring us gamers what we need.
I do love me some Antec. Still have the P180 for my main because it's solid as a rock and it's like having a quiet obelisk of power under my desk. Still using a TruPower Trio 650W in one box, earth watt 380W in another, an NSK4400B, a Veris Fusion with 430W, and just sold off a couple of boxes I did in Sonatas. Have built machines for a few friends as well and most them were in Antec cases with Antec PSUs!

Having written this, I realize I have some brand loyalty going on :-P
never used any antec product at all, not on purpose but something else always seemed more interesting - so i def like to testdrive some of their gear
Antec PSUs are high quality and reliable. Every review confirm that! I hope to win a new PSU or case to check their quality in 1st person ;)
I realy like the quality of the PSU and i also like that the cases are cool but not overpimped and i also love the awesome cooling of the cases.
We are here to take 'em all... The bundles look so delicious, everyone must be excited to see if they will win.
Their products look sexy, and you know, perform awesomely.
never had Antec case, looking good tho, clean or nice and simple that is, for the Eleven hundred saw only compliments, not sure about the psu, gotta check 4myself ;)
Antec power supplies are number 1 in terms of power efficiency ... this is not even an exaggeration. check all the reviews online and they will say as much.

As for their cases, although my personal preferences are for aluminium casings like from Lian Li, i can still appreciate Antec cases that offer lots of good functionality to make them good purchases in terms of design.
I like Antec's service and support of the gaming community. I've used many-a-case from Antec and when I ran LAN parties, Antec was always a willing sponsor, providing nice loots for use in our raffles and tourney prizes.
Antec has always had a good reputation for quality cases and power supplies.
I haven't owned an Antec case or power supply in a few years and I would really like to change that!
I've always been a fan of Antec. It always has been a quality product at a reasonable privce.
Those are some seriously great prizes. Thanks for the chance and letting me know a forum existed with so much info.
I love Antec for their top-notch offer for performance and efficiency. Such as the Antec case(Especially the P280), it offers a EPIC Silent Computing and Tremendous High-performance. And not only the case but also the Antec PSU, having a very true energy efficient system that matching with its high quality and expensive capacitors, I dont know how it will never make a user enjoy using any Antec PSU. :)