3080 Ti EVGA Notify Queue

They must be releasing a few spots at a time. I had the product page open, hit notify, and it went to full capacity screen.
Got to the screen, got auto-notify to load. One tab open.

"You have more than one tab open lol"
I got the notify window and after entering it said 'oops something broke'.
is it me or are the notify links gone

edit: on the xc3 and cheaper ftw3 launch edition
I shot an email to support, not sure if it matters or not. But like many others, it kept giving me the red text of "must be only open in own browser." That is even when I closed the browser, linked back to the GPU. To now...

Oops! something broke.
yea, also getting something broke when clicking to get notified.
I mean... I guess it is further than where I was getting....
got to the enter credentials, hit submit and error
Happened me 5 times now. Tried to mess with the DOM to reset that process without reloading the entire page, but I'm not convinced they aren't using CSRF tokens or something.

Now I'm getting js errors in my console. Never again with EVGA.
What a sh*t show- no benefits to being an Elite member if their website crashes. I've been trying to get in since 8:40am this morning.
Happened me 5 times now. Tried to mess with the DOM to reset that process without reloading the entire page, but I'm not convinced they aren't using CSRF tokens or something.

Looks like they are, so I can quickly go from broken to full capacity.


Welp, back to the grill, will try again in a few.
Sad part is i would actually prefer a 3090 FTW, but i am way back in the queue for that. Was hoping this would at least get me a nice card to put into my new build sometime sooner than i would get that
And i am back to getting full capacity picture, instead of the black screen that occasionally turned into a Product page i could not use
Looks like the launch edition and XC3 sold out? I don't see the notify button.
Just got into the queue for a 3080Ti FTW3 Ultra. Woot.
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I went for the Hybrid first and then the Ultra. Missed out on XC3 and launch edition.
Now getting "invalid CAPTCHA" without there being anything there.


2 Hours, so 2023 is my guess when the card will arrive.

For anyone who cares/wants to track the queue (looks like the new site doesn't have all 3080 Ti models)

PartNumberDateEnteredNotify Sent
12G-P5-3967-KR6/3/2021 7:50:00 AM PTNo
24G-P5-3987-KR11/26/2020 12:44:14 PM PTNo
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Now we all know why Halo bricks these cards. Their software engineering is a joke. Been waiting since 8:55 am. Waste of time. Screw EVGA.

At least I'm in the product shuffle from newegg.. we'll see.

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I've now seen 9 types of errors, LMFAO.

Popup for notification failure #11.
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Twice got popup and entered data, clicked submit and twice given error.
Sums up my life
Edit: 5 times now!
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I got the auto-notify popup open for the XC3, but had another evga.com tab open and it complained about that, and of course I couldn't reload the page for 20 minutes, after which the auto-notify button was gone for the XC3, good times...
Just got through for notify on the 3080 Ti FTW3 Ultra. I've been on 3080 queue for months, so not holding my breath.
Yea, While others are able to get in multiple times... i cannot get in once. I guess it is fitting, I have terrible luck with things like this.
I got on the queue... will see product during 6k launch next decade...
I was able to get in the queue for the FTW Ultra, who knows when it will be available. Still waiting on my 10/6 notify for a 3080.