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    WCG - Kill The Cancer Challenge 2020

    Hi, I'm Corla99 from the team Boinc.Italy Like last year, from 1st to 7th February we want to remember the fight against cancer. So...I'm here to invite you to participate to our Kill The Cancer Challenge 2020 on subproject Mapping Cancer Markers. More info...
  2. Gilthanis

    15th Annual WCG Birthday Challenge by SETI.Germany

    https://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/team/challenge/viewTeamChallenge.do?challengeId=9700 and https://www.seti-germany.de/wcg/1_en_Welcome.html The challenge will take place from Nov 16th - Nov 22nd 2019 To join your team in the race or register your team for the race, your WCG-Team-Captain...

    Looking for Xeon E5-2687W v3 or v4 or equivalent, need two.

    I've got two Xeon ES chips that are 8 core currently, and they have a decent turbo, but I'm looking for a boos in single-threaded apps. So I need a matched pair of E5-2687W v3 or v4 or equivalent. I'll gladly throw in the 8-core chips for someone needing lower-end replacements for the chips...
  4. Gilthanis

    14th Annual WCG Birthday Challenge

    https://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/team/challenge/viewTeamChallenge.do?challengeId=9145 The team has been set up. Challenge Name: 14th Birthday Challenge Created By: SETI.Germany Open Challenge? Yes Start Date: 11/16/2018 End Date: 11/22/2018 Challenge Type: Points Late Entrants...

    WTB E5-2695 V4 or better (or equivalent) for WCG and other DC projects

    Looking for an upgrade from my current V3 procs. Seeking E5-2695 v4 or better or equivalent like ES (Extra Spicy) to double the horsepower. Looking for pairs that ideally have been tested in a 2P system already. My current chips QEYX (8-core 1.8) are in an AsRock EP2C612 WS ( CPU SUPPORT LINK...
  6. Gilthanis

    How to earn Obyte (formerly Byteball) running WCG (distributed computing)

    This earning opportunity is dead as of 10/12/22 This crypto has now changed its name to Obyte. So, anywhere you see the term ByteBall just associate that to Obyte. If you do not have an account at WCG you will want to create one here -...
  7. Gilthanis

    Notable WCG updates on sciences 2018

    Drug Search for Leishmaniasis Project Continues Quest for Better Treatments https://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/about_us/viewNewsArticle.do?articleId=556 Summary The Drug Search for Leishmaniasis researchers recently conducted lab testing on 10 compounds. The testing showed that none of the...

    WTB 1080 Ti FE or 1080 FE

    *** POST EXPIRED *** I'm looking to test an FE card in a modified server that I have. The goal is to run a game server, run BOINC/WCG, and run F@H all on a single 2U server. Problem is that it's set up for blower fan style GPUs, like the FE models. I'd be especially interested if anyone...
  9. Gilthanis

    2017 WCG X-mas Race

    https://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/team/challenge/viewTeamChallenge.do?challengeId=8661 December 1st to the 25th. (Normally it only went to the 24th) This project is points based. People may very well bunker in advance as well. Only results that validate during these dates will count. If you...
  10. Gilthanis

    13th Annual WCG Birthday Challenge

    https://secure.worldcommunitygrid.org/team/challenge/viewTeamChallenge.do?challengeId=8617 I have signed the team up. It will go from 11/16-11/22. This challenge is points based. Only work units that are turned in and validated during these dates will count. More information and statistics...
  11. Gilthanis

    WCG has a new sub project! 8/22/17

    WCG has a new sub project called - Microbiome Immunity Project! https://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/forums/wcg/viewthread_thread,40248 I gave it a thread of its own for more potential exposure. Overview of the sub project - https://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/research/mip1/overview.do
  12. Gilthanis

    WCG tips and strategies

    ChristianVirtual's request in the WCG recognition thread inspired this thread. I didn't really want to discuss it in open forums due to some of the tips not being always looked upon as fair. Sometimes work units are hard to come by, are set to a lower priority, and are gobbled up as soon as...
  13. Gilthanis

    WCG has no work available - Temporarily

    There was no announcement, but it seems the work buffers have ran dry for all sub projects. If anyone notices their rigs run dry, be patient. I'm sure there will be a post addressing the issue. I'm doubting it is related to the Pentathlon and more than likely part of preparations for their...

    Help me build my next WCG Rig

    Hey all. I've been looking to build a dual 2011-3 system for a while. I have a couple of systems crunching already, but this one is going to be special. I'm retiring my 1366 main system this year after almost 8 years of faithful service. This new rig will not only be crunching for WCG, but...
  15. Gilthanis

    WCG has a new sub project: Smash Childhood Cancer

    AgrFan already posted this in the WCG thread https://hardforum.com/threads/world-community-grid.1833345/page-6#post-1042781874 but I figured it may get more exposure with its own as an announcement of sorts. https://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/research/scc1/overview.do
  16. Gilthanis

    2016 WCG Christmas Race

    http://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/team/challenge/viewTeamChallenge.do?challengeId=8191 I've been a bit distracted with my new baby boy. We are about 3 days late to the challenge but think we will do fine. Anyone that doesn't have an account can join us here...
  17. Gilthanis

    WCG 12th annual birthday challenge (2016)

    The Challenge will take place from Nov 16th - Nov 22nd 2016 Team Challenge Detail SETI.Germany's page for the competition - Welcome | seti-germany.de I have signed us up for the 12th annual birthday challenge at WCG. As long as you are crunching for our team already, there is nothing more...