2016 WCG Christmas Race


[H]ard|DCer of the Year - 2014
Jan 29, 2006

I've been a bit distracted with my new baby boy. We are about 3 days late to the challenge but think we will do fine.

Anyone that doesn't have an account can join us here: https://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/team/viewTeamInfo.do?teamId=BP5XNJBR9N1
That link will automatically add you to our team when you create the account.

This challenge only lasts until the 24th. It is points based. If you are part of our team already, no further action is required outside of running all your CPU cores on it. WCG still only uses CPU.
2008 - 4th
2009 - 11th
2010 - 7th
2011 - 12th
2012 - 11th
2013 - 2nd
2014 - 3rd
2015 - 1st

Last year's thread https://hardforum.com/threads/wcg-christmas-race-2015.1884419/

Looks like we may be finishing this time in 3rd.
Sharing the pie with the team. At least this doesn't look like pacman. May publish this weekly. We have over 50+ contributors.

P.S. my apology that I can't fit everyone in the pie, so the "others" are important contributors. Big or small, all contributions may help to find cure one day.
Dec 17th update. One more week to go. Thanks to mullet for the nice logo which I incorporated here.

We finished at 3rd place this year. Final pie for the challenge. Enjoy your Xmas holiday and be safe.