pc build

  1. J

    First PC Build since 2010... after doing my homework, how does this look?

    Getting a bit nostalgic; I remember posting here for advice on a new build over a decade ago, and that advice (Core I7 920 + P6T MB) turned out to be so reliable that I've been running on that rig ever since... right up until last weekend, when the second component in as many months failed on...
  2. D

    PC Desk Dodge Charger 1970 Theme [Build Log]

    Hi just wanna share my current Project PC Desk (Computer Inside Desk) Theme - Dodge Charger 1970 [Build Log]
  3. S

    Looking for PC build recommendations to go with RTX 1080

    Hello All, Recently I was given a GTX 1080 card, and this will require me to update my system as I'm currently using a phenom x6 CPU, Essentially I'm trying to get the cheapest build I can that doesn't limit this GPU. I've been out of the hardware game for 10 years so not really sure where to...
  4. cageymaru

    Vox Media Goes After YouTubers That Mocked The Verge PC Build Video

    Vox Media is leveraging copyright strikes against YouTube channels that mocked The Verge's infamous PC build video. The company has allegedly manually filed a copyright strike against Kyle of Bitwit for creating a parody video of The Verge PC build video. WCCFTECH says that this will create the...
  5. B

    Need opinions on streaming build

    Hi, I want to start steaming fortnite and rocket league. My budget is £1400, would you say this build is ok. I could save money by dropping down to the 2600x, but I'm not sure whether it's good enough. I don't want to have to upgrade my CPU for a few years. Also, is there anything else I could...
  6. I

    Help me build a gaming PC to last some years

    Hey guys, I've been looking to buy a new PC and I want your help. My current specs are pretty outdated, I have a FX-6300 and a GTX 750 Ti, but maybe I can use my current 650W PSU and 1 TB HDD on a new machine. Anyway, my main goal is to build a gaming PC able to run games on 1080p +60FPS, but...
  7. C

    Suggestions for new high end build?

    I'll be building my high end rig for gaming/creative work in about a week or two! Here's the plan so far: COMPONENTS: Mobo: Asus X370-Pro CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 RAM: G.Skill Flare X (16GB 3200MHz) SSD: Samsung 960 Pro (512GB) HDD: WD Black (2TB) GPU: AMD RX VEGA 64 Power supply A: EVGA G3 750W...
  8. B

    Refurbished or New parts

    Hello, For a new pc build is it better to buy refurbished parts or new items? budget is $850