1. U

    macOS Catalina

    Catalina has been out for a little while now. It would be interesting to hear people's user experiences if they've upgraded. I haven't yet, because I know it's going to break a lot of things just be being 64-bit only. However, Catalina is also one of the biggest jumps in terms of increased...
  2. U

    The High Sierra Thread

    High Sierra has been available for a short while. Feel free to hop in and talk about experiences you're having with it. Apple's Info: Features Article: ===...
  3. Zarathustra[H]

    HARDOCP BREAKING NEWS: New Mac Pro Spotted

    With all the news lately about a new Mac Pro being in the works we are proud to break the news to you that HardOCP has spotted a prototype, obviously forgotten by Apple engineers in a Dunkin Donuts just outside of Boston. As we are posting this we are taking cover, anticipating the arrival of...