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Sep 24, 2001
High Sierra has been available for a short while.

Feel free to hop in and talk about experiences you're having with it.

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So far I've upgraded my main workhorse which is a mostly maxed out 2011 iMac.

The OS itself though is fine. My machine got upgraded to APFS seamlessly. Install took around 40 minutes onto the SSD (main HD). The problem is non-Apple software hasn't all updated yet and has broken a few things.

One of the most notable things that isn't working is my i1 Display calibration software that just doesn't run in High Sierra. Not sure why. I launch the actual calibration (after going through the setup menus) and it just simply hangs. Not sure if it's just a glitch my end or if there needs to be a major update. Some other minor software stuff is also broken.

I'd probably say wait for 1 point release if you're not an upgrade nerd if you can. That should give enough time for all the software that has dedicated teams to get up to date. I will probably leave my laptop alone for now and wait for some of the kinks to get ironed out.


EDIT: For some reason the i1 software is working now. Still having problems with a few other programs. But like I said, all first party Apple stuff is solid.
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I try to update only when fcpx tells me I have to.

Considering that OS updates don't break any Apple products, I wouldn't be worried about that specific application. I personally haven't had any issues with FCPX or really any change with FCPX in High Sierra.
Although OS updates can have a host of issues with other products. That was a common thing to do in the old days of audio recording... even to the point of not upgrading hardware OR any software in order to maintain compatibility with certain plugins. That hasn't been much less of an issue relatively recently. Most people have moved past recording on G5s and really old versions of Protools.

High Sierra is officially the last OS to support 32 bit apps however according to Apple, so this may be the OS that people end up sticking with for a long while.
... I guess that is if they aren't still on Tiger or Snow Leopard.
I have not really noticed any issues on either of my Macs (2014 Pro and 2016 MacBook)
Easy install on 2015 Air, new features shown don't really impress me besides new file system. Flight tracking from Spotlight was a highlight?
Apple is steadily going back to the hole where it was before Jobs.
I've had issues with the Adobe suite, Unity, and Microsoft office Suite ever since I installed the new OS. Hopefully they patch some of the issues in an update in a timely manner. iOS 11 is also giving me issues, so it's like getting hit in my personal, and professional life