1. Armenius

    Halo: Infinite (Campaign) with steelbook at Best Buy for $19.99

    This is for the Xbox consoles. The steelbook will be added during checkout. This is the lowest I've seen the game go for so far. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/halo-infinite-standard-edition-xbox-one-xbox-series-x/6414163.p?skuId=6414163 Note that Play Anywhere only applies to the digital...
  2. scojer

    T-Mobile and Microsoft Team up on Project xCloud

    https://www.t-mobile.com/news/tmobile-microsoft-project-xcloud-game-streaming As much as we don't want game streaming to take off, they're pushing for it more and more. When technology is at a place with very minimal lag, and affordable service, I'll jump on board. Until then, watching this...
  3. cageymaru

    Halo: The Master Chief Collection Is Coming to the PC

    Microsoft has announced that Halo: Reach is being added to Halo: The Master Chief Collection and the entire collection is coming to the PC via the Microsoft Store and Steam! The team at 343 Industries has updated the games with improved and modernized matchmaking and services, support for...
  4. AlphaAtlas

    Halo Infinite Might Feature RPG Like Mechanics

    In a recent live stream, the Halo Infinite developers confirmed several new details about the upcoming game. Unlike Halo 5, Infinite will support 4 -player splitscreen, and its also getting a Reach-like customization system. The full developer livestream can be seen on Microsoft's streaming...
  5. AlphaAtlas

    Halo TV Series Allegedly Delayed After Director Steps Down

    Showtime's Halo adaptation has allegedly been delayed after the Rupert Wyatt stepped down as the director and executive producer of the series. Wyatt cited "changes to the production schedule of Halo" as his reason for leaving, and as is typical with such departures, he left the project on a...
  6. R

    Halo TV Series Is On Its Way

    On the Xbox News Website, it has been announced today that SHOWTIME has ordered a 10-episode season based on the Halo video game franchise. Kyle Killen (Awake) will serve as executive producer, writer and showrunner, and the series will take place in the original universe, focusing on the battle...
  7. DooKey

    Steven Spielberg’s Halo TV Series May Begin Filming In Fall 2018

    Halo fans have been wondering when the popular game was going to make it to TV and it looks like things are starting to gel. Rumors say the miniseries may begin filming this fall. According to Showtime's president of programming the live action series will interest Halo fans and fans of drama...
  8. cageymaru

    Halo Wars: Definitive Edition is Coming to Steam

    Halo Wars: Definitive Edition is coming to Steam on April 20, 2017. This edition of the game will contain all of the campaigns from the original game and the DLC. This version touts improved graphics, new achievements and online multiplayer. Of course there is one huge caveat; Windows Store...
  9. cthulhuiscool

    Halo Master Chief Collection

    Through happen stance happened to get a couple copies of this game as a gift all at once, so for sale. Heatware Cthulhuiscool (Still have 1) Digital Code $12
  10. C

    FS: PS4 Games For Sale - Brand New.