Steven Spielberg’s Halo TV Series May Begin Filming In Fall 2018


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Apr 25, 2001
Halo fans have been wondering when the popular game was going to make it to TV and it looks like things are starting to gel. Rumors say the miniseries may begin filming this fall. According to Showtime's president of programming the live action series will interest Halo fans and fans of drama as well. Keep your fingers crossed this is true. I'd like to see the Master Chief kick some butt on TV.

Fun fact, the Halo assault rifle was also cleverly planted in the upcoming Ready Player One movie as spotted from the trailer. It led many fans to believe that it was, in fact, a hint that the TV show is still in development.
Master Chief will be a gay woman of color.

Not diverse enough. Master chieftress also needs to be transgender and otherkin.

When she’s not fighting the Covenant, she’s battling against transphobic bigotry within the ranks of the UNMC.
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Well they couldn't properly adapt The Fall of Reach book into a motion comic so I have little faith a TV series will be able to accomplish anything decent.

Though I wish they would adapt that story again ,as the basis for a TV show or movie. Because it's perfectly ripe for one when done well.