1. Zarathustra[H]

    Suddenly all Outlook Links open in Edge

    Do you ever find yourself just wanting to stab all of Microsoft? Like seriously, WTF? 1.) What's the fucking point of having a "default browser" setting in Windows if programs can disregard it? Did they forget about that little anti-competitive lawsuit in the 90's? 2.) What's with this side...
  2. Zarathustra[H]

    Windows 11 Will Soon Block All Default Browser Workarounds

    It looks like Microsoft REALLY wants you to use Edge. They have introduced edge specific hyperlinks in website links from various Microsoft applications. Up until now it has been convoluted, but possible to workaround these edge only links, but rumor has it that this is about to be blocked...
  3. H

    Replacement for Firefox + TabMixPlus?

    Hi All, This latest Firefox extensions issue is the last straw for me. I've been running legacy Firefox v56.0.2 + TabMixPlus mainly for multi-row tabs (I'm a tab whore). Can anyone recommend a replacement? I would be more than happy to migrate to Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, just need...
  4. AlphaAtlas

    Former Microsoft Employee Claims Google Broke Edge

    JoshuaJB, who Neowin says is really former Microsoft employee Joshua Bakita, made a post on Hacker News claiming that the Edge development team is switching to Chromium because Google "broke other browsers." While Joshua claims he isn't convinced Google intentionally sabotaged Edge, he says that...
  5. cageymaru

    Microsoft Is Replacing Edge in Windows 10 with a Chromium-Based Web Browser

    According to a report from Windows Central, Microsoft is giving up on its Edge browser and is switching to a Chromium-based web browser code named "Anaheim." This browser will replace Edge as the default browser on Windows 10. I expect we'll see Microsoft introduce Anaheim throughout the 19H1...
  6. U

    HTPC/mini gaming PC

    Used up all my spare parts and RMAs to build a new HTPC/mini PC: G3258@ 4.3 Ghz 1.17v, stock cooler ASUS B85 Mobo 2 X 4 GB DDR3 1600 256 GB 860 EVO SSD 1050 Ti Zotac 4 GB (can do netflix 4K easy) Antec Edge 550W psu with LED lighting Rosewill FBM-X1 case with window (cute microATX case with tiny...
  7. cageymaru

    Intel Solidifies Deep Learning Portfolio with Varied Architectures and Packages

    Gadi Singer is the vice president and general manager of the Artificial Intelligence Products Group at Intel. In an interview with Ed Sperling of Semiconductor Engineering, he discusses how Intel is evolving to meet the ever changing requirements for deep learning. He believes that Xeon...
  8. AlphaAtlas

    WIndows Interrupts Chrome and Firefox to Promote Edge

    Microsoft is getting more aggressive in its attempts to push the Edge browser. In Windows 10 insider build 17744, whenever users try to install or open Firefox or Chome, they get a pop up reminding them Edge is already installed on their system. This feature isn't in mainstream builds of Windows...
  9. R

    Microsoft Edge Now Available on iOS and Android

    Microsoft has announced today that Microsoft Edge is now available for free on the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. The mobile versions allow you to share favorites, reading lists, and passwords across all your devices, and is available a few languages, including 5 versions of English for...
  10. R

    Microsoft Wants You Using Edge, Whether You Want to or Not

    The Register is reporting that Microsoft is about to test a new feature in Windows 10 that will force users to use the Edge browser in certain circumstances. In the upcoming Insider preview build 17623, people in the "Skip Ahead" ring will be testing a change that makes it where links clicked on...
  11. R

    Google Exposes Security Flaw in Microsoft Edge

    Google's Project Zero has exposed a security flaw in Microsoft Edge according to a report from Neowin. Microsoft began using Arbitrary Code Guard in Edge with the creators update which forced the use of Just-in-Time (JIT) compilers to an isolated sandbox. The problem with this is the address for...
  12. K

    WTB: Verizon LG G6 Like New

    Looking for a like new or used LG G6 in mint or near mint condition. Must be Verizon version, VS988. Would prefer the Platinum color. Prefer to use paypal. Heatware here. Thanks.
  13. N

    FS: Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge phones

    I have a Verizon branded Galaxy S7, 32gb, onyx black, in like new condition. $280 shipped. SOLD. Not really looking for trades right now, unless you really want to get rid of an HTC Vive.