1. cageymaru

    Western Digital Launches Budget WD Blue SN500 NVMe SSD

    Western Digital has announced its new WD Blue SN500 NVMe SSD product line that features budget friendly offerings. The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) in the U.S. is $54.99 USD for 250GB (model number: WDS250G1B0C) and $77.99 USD for 500GB (model number: WDS500G1B0C). The drives...
  2. D

    New Workstation Recommendation for Animation & Rendering 2019

    Hi all, For all those who are in the rendering and animation sector of work. I am looking to upgrade from my desktop which I had used for the past 8 years. I've been having a hard time trying to find or customize a build for my budget. Looking to purchase by the end of Friday latest I am...
  3. J

    Budget 4k Options: HDTV vs Monitor?

    I've been lurking this forum since the summer, and now that black Friday is upon us, I figured I finally break down and post! I'm interested in a budget 4k display in the 32-43" range. I've seen the 43" Acer ET430k going for around $370 USD new, maybe a little less. I know of the image...
  4. B

    Budget Video Cards?

    Hello I am building a 800/850 USD gaming PC (first time build). What would be the best budget video card?
  5. B

    Can MMCX connector use for all of earbuds that had mmcx detachable cable?

    I just bought tennmak pro, which is a surprisingly good sound quality for the price(30 dollars) and it had mmcx cable on it. So i was wondering, can a mmcx connector use for any earbuds. will my tennmak pro with pinnacle mmcx cable work ?
  6. FrgMstr

    Building a Budget PC with the Radeon RX 460: Part 1

    PCPer Buids a Budget PC with the RX 460 as its focus. Our RX 460 review can be found here.
  7. S

    Pentium G4560 Tested - Core i3 Performance For $64

    ComputerBase: Intel Pentium G4560 Tested - Applications Performance (Windows): 15% faster than $90 FX-6300 21% faster than $60 Pentium G4400 (predecessor) 23% faster than $149 A10-7890K - Gaming Performance (1080P): 16% faster than $89 FX-6300 26% faster than $60 Pentium G4400 (predecessor)...
  8. B

    Buying decision, HIFIMAN RE 400 or Massdrop x HIFIMAN RE 00

    I wanted to buy an earbud that go along with Fiio M3 or just for casual listening. I listened to edm as well as classical. My budget is below 60$. Thinking about audio Technica im50 too
  9. H

    Can You Do VR On A Budget PC?

    Is it possible to do VR on a budget? John Gatt over at VR Jive set out to see if it was possible to build a budget system for VR gaming and, from what I can tell, he seems more than a little pleased with his findings. To test the experiences and games I have on the HTC Vive I wanted to come up...
  10. J

    Which smartphone should I buy under $70?

    Dear friends here, the phone I am using is too old to continue working. So I am looking for a new one. But the problem is that I don't have much budget on it, a smartphone under $70 is ok for me. Do you have any recommendation? Every comment is welcomed here. Thanks in advance.
  11. B

    Used Build Estimate & Purchase.

    Hello Everyone. New to the gaming PC world and would like your estimate for this used PC. Specifications: CORSAIR WATERCOOLED 760T GAMING COMPUTER ASUS Z97-AR GAMING BOARD INTEL CORE I5 4590 GIGABYTE WINDFORCE GTX970 8 GB PNY SAMSUNG 850 EVO 250 GB SSD WESTERN DIGITAL 2TB HARD DRIVE CORSAIR...
  12. D

    Looking for: "budget" 1st mSATA drive just to make use of the port/slot

    Well since I got this monster Dell Precision workstation laptop finally and it's got an mSATA port - crippled to SATA II speeds, unfortunately, another blunder on Dell's part - I'd like to make some use of it. I don't particularly need the biggest baddest mSATA there is, of course not, and I...
  13. U

    Best IEM Noise Cancelling Headset

    I already posted this in the Phone subforum, but got no responses. Locked it and now posting it here... Budget is preferably =/< $40. Yes I want them to be IEM. Yes I want a mic. Yes I want noise cancelling and not just noise isolation. This is for plane trips. Nothing annoys me more than...