Can MMCX connector use for all of earbuds that had mmcx detachable cable?


Sep 12, 2016
I just bought tennmak pro, which is a surprisingly good sound quality for the price(30 dollars) and it had mmcx cable on it. So i was wondering, can a mmcx connector use for any earbuds.
will my tennmak pro with pinnacle mmcx cable work ?
Probably, but there are variations with the connectors such as combinations of materials or size of connector overlaps, like with any cable connector, just like not all ethernet cables will connect with all ethernet ports, not all RCA connectors will connect with all RCA ports, etc. I've broken a couple of MMCX connectors with various IEMs because sheath, jacket, or tip overlap.

It's just one of those things that you won't know until you do it yourself.