1. Zarathustra[H]

    EKWB Active Backplate Dimensions

    So, Not that I really want to spend $420 on a GPU water block, but I was curious what the clearances need to be for EK's GPU active backplates, but couldn't find that information anywhere on their site, so I reached out to their support. If anyone needs it, here is the info: They really...
  2. cageymaru

    Firefox 66 to Block Audible Sound from Autoplay Video and Audio by Default

    Mozilla has announced that Firefox 66 will automatically block audible audio and video initiated by autoplay media on websites. As this is the default behavior for Firefox 66, users will have to interact with the website to initiate the audio such as hitting the "Play" button. Firefox users will...
  3. cageymaru

    Steam Allows Users to Block Publishers and Content Creators

    Steam now allows users of the service to block publishers and developers. Tired of seeing recommendations for visual novels? Block them. Don't want point and click adventures from a certain developer in your feed? Block that developer! You can find ignore button just below the golden Beta...
  4. DooKey

    Twitter Blocking Users Who Were Underage When They Signed Up

    Twitter is blocking users who were underage when they signed up for the service. This is in response to the GDPR that recently became active. As a matter of fact they are suspending those users even if they are old enough to sign up for the service now. Anyway, there is light at the end of the...
  5. DooKey

    Optimus Water Cooling Lowers Price of V1 Intel Water Block

    Last week HardOCP reviewed the nickel Optimus WC V1 Intel water block and found it to be an outstanding block for Intel rigs. Kyle liked it so much he gave it a Gold Award! Originally, Optimus was offering this great piece of kit for $95, but after listening to their customers they have...
  6. R

    India Blocks Internet Archive

    With no warning, India has blocked access to the Internet Archive (also known as the Internet Wayback Machine). Medianama reached out to Internet Archive for details, and was informed that they had not been contacted by the Government of India, and have no information as to why a block would...
  7. Zarathustra[H]

    Microsoft to Block Non-Windows Store Apps in Windows 10?

    A few sites out there have been running with this alarmist headline today, and boy does it sound scary, right? Could windows 10 be going on full device-style lockdown, requiring you to use apps from the Windows Store? Well, not so fast. First off, as Beta News reports, this is only an...
  8. NapnDog

    Ad-blocking Mistake, Blocking an Important Site

    Okay, I made a slight mistake. I updated my block list and accidentally told my computer to block certain pages on an important site. The site is an art site where I have some art supplies for sale. I'm not pressured for time because I can still use my tablet to do what I need to do, but it's...
  9. imsuchageek

    Fed up! How can we disable / block ICMP (ping) on ESXi 6 hosts? We need an expert!!!

    We have spent days on this and have gotten no where. Here's the deal. I need to disable ICMP, at a minimum ping/echo, responses from the management IP to all non-local subnets. So in other words, lets say a random ESXi server's IP is I need all hosts on 10.10.10.x/24 to...
  10. hotdun

    WTB: GTX 670, 760 or 970 Waterblock - Rigid Acrylic Stuff

    Heatware: hotdun | Can pickup in Los Angeles