India Blocks Internet Archive


May 13, 2013
With no warning, India has blocked access to the Internet Archive (also known as the Internet Wayback Machine). Medianama reached out to Internet Archive for details, and was informed that they had not been contacted by the Government of India, and have no information as to why a block would have been implemented. Internet Archive has also made attempts to contact the Indian Government about the situation with no response.

Fairly odd to block the Internet Archive. But this is not the first time India has done it. The Internet Archive is one of the most important websites there is, and I can't think of a reason a Government would want it blocked.

In this instance, we know that a site has been blocked, and who has ordered the block, but there are two aspects missing: why has the website been blocked, and what is the recourse for getting the block removed: there is not email address or phone number mentioned for the administrator.
It was blocked because viewing archived versions of a webpage is a way around censorship. India isn't as bad as other countries like China and Russia but they still censor plenty of the internet.
India is the rectum of the universe anyway. Nothing coming from there surprises me.
I rely on Internet Archive to play old PC games. Some which use DOSbox can be played directly from the browser