1. 5150Joker

    BenQ XL2746S - 240 Hz 0.5ms DyAc+ with FreeSync/GSync

    Ordered one of these bad boys on Amazon on Sunday and it was originally scheduled for May 14th thanks to the Chinese Coronavirus but it got bumped up to this Sunday so I'm pretty excited to get it. I'm currently using an Asus PG278Q 144 Hz G-Sync display which has served me really well the last...
  2. B

    BenQ, switching resolution

    BenQ SW271 - can I use the puck to switch resolutions between native 3840x2160 and 1920x1080? I have software that just won't work or displays very tiny at high res.
  3. T

    BenQ EX3203R - ghosting / motion blur problem

    Hello my friends! I just recently bought BenQ EX3203R monitor. I thought that I am buying a good piece of hardware for that price. Nothing extra cheap I would say. What was my surprise when I tried few, not even fast-paced games. The screen is getting really blurry and the black color is...
  4. cageymaru

    NVIDIA GeForce Hotfix Driver Version 417.58 Has Been Released

    The NVIDIA GeForce Hotfix driver version 417.58 has been released and it addresses the following issues: Black screen when resuming from monitor sleep on some DisplayPort monitors. Windows 7: FPS drop when G-sync is used with V-sync in games. Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Fixes occasional...
  5. HiCZoK

    BenQ PD2700U released

    New 4k 60hz ips just came out. Seems like direct competition to LG 27uk650(same price) and Asus PB27UQ(asus is 100$ more expensive). Couldn't find any response times measurements in comparison to monitors mentioned above so not sure if it's good for console and/or pc gaming. The few opinions and...
  6. T

    BenQ IPS Display: Ghosting text and weird moire/banding when scrolling

    Hi everyone! Trying both DVI and HDMI. Tried both 59/60hz. I disabled AMA on the monitor and it seemed to help a bit and helped the most. The banding is almost gone but the ghosting of the text while browsing is still very eye strenuous. I updated the monitor and gfx card drivers. No luck...
  7. H

    New Monitor Shopping advice

    Greetings everyone. :) First of, I'm very grateful for all the insights and share of experience shown here in the forums. This forum helped me made my decision to buy the Samsung 49Js9000 last year as my first 4K monitor - liking it so far. :) So now I have 3 monitors: + a HP 1080p 22" I...
  8. C

    4k, color accurate monitor

    Hi everyone. It seems to be that there's quite a few folks here with more in depth knowledge than I can find form typical reviews, so I thought you might be able to help me: I am looking for a new monitor. My source is a late 2013 retina MacBook pro, which tops out a 3840 @ 60hz. My criteria...
  9. S

    New BenQ BL3201PH VS refurbished Acer Predator XB321HK

    Inherited a little cash, going to upgrade my work/battlestation. Trying to decide between a: -New BenQ 32-Inch IPS 4K Ultra High Definition LED Monitor (BL3201PH), 4K2K HD 3840x2160 -Certified Refurbished Acer Predator XB321HK 32" Display Monitor, 4K UHD, 3840 x 2160, 4 ms, IPS (Gsync). This...
  10. G

    Flickering on BenQ XL2420z and XL2430t

    I need your guys' help with determining if I should continue my BenQ customer service nightmare by returning my XL2430t or if I should just accept that I'm not going to get anything better. For anyone who has either of these displays, can you put them in 60hz mode and see if you can see...
  11. P

    4k Advice: PB287Q or BL2711U

    Trying to decide between Benq BL2711U and Asus PB287Q. Currently have 3 Dell P2210H that are hideous but have been getting the job done for years. I work primarily in web development but do quite a bit of photography and some video. A little gaming when I can - definitely fall into the...