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    Major Design Changes Are Coming to StarCraft II

    I think Megalith misread. Resources (amount per node) were reduced per base in order to promote frequent expanding and discourage overly defensive playstyles (aka turtling). As a consequence, you can get screwed over if you get denied more mining bases. They're dialing resources per node it back...
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    SNES Preservation Project "Dead" after USPS Loses $10K of Cartridges

    He already completed special chip emulation about 5-7 years ago with the help of someone who had the skills and knowledge to trick the hardware into giving up its program ROMs. I think the main purpose of the preservation project is independent verification with his own homemade hardware. During...
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    WoW; 6h expansion Legion

    A few months ago, I got a 7 day trial and logged into my main for the first time in over 5 years. Played some of the MoP zones and gained a couple levels before the week ended. It was quite a bizarre experience, both a nostalgia trip and a "feels like it was just yesterday" moment. The way you...
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    WarCraft 30-Second TV Spot

    Apparently he was already into WoW and geeked out about it as much as any WoW fan did. He actually convinced Blizzard to make this movie about both sides because they originally intended to make it human-centric to be more "relatable" to the audience. However, Duncan Jones argued that it was too...
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    Starcraft 2 launched today and nobody cares?

    I'm not sure what I did to convince you to give it a try :D. To reiterate, what I meant was my expectations from the story were not very high after experiencing WoL onward, but this final chapter was pretty nice and epic overall despite in spite of the plot being... pretty cheesy (IMO). I've...
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    Starcraft 2 launched today and nobody cares?

    I finished the campaign and epilogue missions on Brutal a couple days ago. With all my expectations for SC2's plot shattered from WoL 5 years ago, I actually enjoyed the experience quite a bit. I may pursue the achievements in the future and do some co-op games.
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    Target Shuts Down Its Video Streaming Service

    Count me in as someone who didn't know it existed. Even the article's headline hinted at the author not knowing either.
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    4chan Founder 'Moot' Bids Farewell: 'This is Goodbye'

    moot did a final Q&A for 8 hours straight. It seemed that 4chan wasn't very profitable and was always "one lawsuit away from being shut down." It's pretty surprising how little actual profit such a big site made. He seems like a pretty cool guy based on what I heard in the Q&A.
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    New Blizzard FPS, Overwatch

    I'm generally a fan of Blizzard games, but not as of late. This new IP doesn't spark much interest in me as well as Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm. I'm also just not a fan of FPS in general due to motion sickness.
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    First iPhone 6 Sold In Australia Dropped On Live TV

    I thought the same thing. There wasn't really anything "dumb" that he did and it looked more like an honest accident.
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    Microsoft's Very First Web Page, Back In 1994

    Looking at these old screenshots really trips my nostalgia meter, even though I didn't have internet access that far back (I was around 8 at that time lol). It's hard to believe that the time between that MS web site screenshot and my first adventure into the net is less than my first year on...
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    Clueless Gamer: "Super Smash Bros."

    The tournament was downright idiotic and not representative of the competitive scene at all (except for the very last match). They had top players from all over to participate with the vanilla setup, which just makes it look like a casual party game (4 players, FFA, items, no stocks, timed). It...
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    Good stuff. I like the current drop rates. It's high enough that so that you be expecting *something* per run most of the time, but not so much that you'll be completely decked out in a few hours. I've gotten some nice gear through the week, but I still have no clue what I should be gearing for...
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    Why Men Choose Female Avatars in World of Warcraft

    I generally default to male. I've made a couple female WoW characters when I last played years ago. The only time it really mattered was the 0.2 seconds I spent admiring them at the login screen. The rest of the time, I was focused on the game and didn't really care what the hell the sex of my...
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    Most Players Don’t Finish Games

    I'll very rarely finish games these days. The only games I've played recently were Blizzard games (SC2, D3), and although I finish those, it means virtually nothing. Anything else, I lose interest fairly quickly. The reason? It's a waning disinterest with gaming as a whole, which sucks because...