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    GTX 580 VS r9 270x

    270x vs 580 what would you buy if you had the PSU for it
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    GTX 580 VS r9 270x

    Same price on these models, I do have I lower (500)watt psu but will upgrade it if I go the 580 . what about performance difference. this is a present for my brother prize his first pc is slow
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    MSI R9 290X Lightning Launched

    Setting on 2 tri-x's I can still get a full refund on them. I barely missed 1 of them a few days ago. If the come in stock anytime soon im going to grab 2,
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    Switching between AMD and nVidia... do we still need drivercleaner?

    I had no issues removing the amd drivers through the control panel, then installing NVidia's drivers. 290x to 780 Ti
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    Best gpu for i7 930?

    I have a 290x and 780 Ti, on a 930 they both work great and the drivers on amd aren't to bad so far.
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    Corsair 900D Sneak Peek Photos

    I grabbed a 700D to get me by till I can order one without stressing :) , can't wait to see the review
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    new to watercooling and want some opinions

    So Im stuck between the RX 480's and the Alphacools UT60's anyone have a preference over the other?
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    new to watercooling and want some opinions

    If anyone who reads this thread knows of a Koolance MB-ASR4E RIVE waterblock let me know
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    Novice needs a little advice on formatting/raid0

    Yea im getting 2 caviar black 1Tb drives in a few days and what's the best method to format a drive properly , Ill have a drive with an operating system on my current pc so I can do it in windows that way. thanks ahead of time , is raid 0 pretty simple I have a rIve mobo
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    Who's Getting A 900D?

    I got one myself ordered from amazon, looking like its going to be May. Anyone get lucky and get one of the 10 yesterday?
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    Razer Hydra

    But they accepted the return paid a label and its on its way back I do not recommend buying them to anyone, it would be ok but they've dropped support for making game profiles they made portal 2 work its not worth it still
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    RAID 0 Question

    Awesome thank you, I'll have the drives in about a week or so. I just wanted to ask others before I started plugging stuff together :p
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    RAID 0 Question

    I do not mean to hi-jack this thread in any way, I just have a very similar setup, same drives etc. Its my first time to attempt raid and don't know where to start
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    new to watercooling and want some opinions

    ended up with a 700d and an h100i to get me by while I wait on the 900d release , and gather water cooling gear. Have a koolance cpu-370 block, a 655 pump so far. I cant find the koolance RIVE motherboard block though its a shame
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    Razer Hydra

    I got a bad one, that's what I get from ordering from a company I'm not familiar with ,