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    ASUS & [H]ardOCP Haswell Z87 Motherboard Giveaway! Week 1

    Have a delicious beer of course!
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    Bungie Cheers Up Young Transplant Patient

    Nice news great to see something like that.
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    AMD Radeon HD 7970 CrossFire Bundle Lucky Draw

    Nice cards
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    Anyone know when (time) will start letting us download Windows 8 Pro?

    I clicked upgrade assistant, went thru the steps submitted my payment info and downloading now. Pretty slow download bouncing between 130kb/s to 2MB/s estimate about 45mins.
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    Apple Press Event Liveblog

    GoGo iSuckers!
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    PS3 folding coming to an end.

    Had mine running for the past couple months. Too bad that it is ending. Hopefully Sony and Stanford will collaborate again for the next console Sony releases.
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    [H]orde call to arms! Let's catch EVGA in September!

    Started back up for a bit with 3770k, 860, x3350, gtx 670 and even ps3 lol. Little bit towards catching evga.
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    First Beer in Space

    While I wouldn't wish American beer on anyone, did no one drink it afterword?!
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    Antec Case & PSU Combo Lucky Draw!!!!!

    Never had a problem with their products
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    GeForce 304.48 Beta Driver

    Had problems with these causing Wow to ctd for some reason, reinstalled the whqls and no problems again weird.
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    AMD Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition Video Card Review @ [H]

    So happy I went with a 670 this round from my 6970. I musta missed, how much this thing costing?
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    Windows 8 Release Preview Drivers

    Yeah saw a blog post on nvidias site that they will be released next week.
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    Windows 8 Release Preview Drivers

    Where are they? Windows has installed the generic driver for my GTX 670, when I try to manually add from available on my machine no 600 series cards are listed. No driver update available from Windows Update. What are people using successfully? This is about the Windows 8 Release Preview...