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    Flickering screens and application relocation

    I was actually thinking that so I disconnected the TV and it seems to be fixed but unfortunatly I don't have another HDMI cable that long. I ordered another and we'll see if that was it, thank you.
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    Flickering screens and application relocation

    I had been getting this flickering where the screens go black and everything stops working for like a second every now and again, and sometimes the browser windows or any other opened application would switch to the other screen. I have reduced the problem, it use to be longer pauses, and it...
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    Applications keep switching monitor

    It stays the same in both Win 10 Display Setting and Nvidia Control Panel. The order is always 27" primary, 24" third, 65" second. I don't know why that is but I've never been able to change the numbering.
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    Applications keep switching monitor

    Hi, I have 2 monitors and a TV hooked up to my PC with a Nvidia 1080. Resolutions as follows: 1. 27" 1440p, DisplayPort monitor 2. 24" 1200p, DVI monitor 3. 65" 4K, HDMI TV The problem is that every time I turn on the TV all the windows switch around, like if monitor 1 has Chrome up, then it...
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    Office 2016/2019 & Win10 Keys + More! - >> Possible Sale if Saints WIN

    What happened to your account? I need office pro 2019
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    Building 3 Identical Systems - Please Evaluate

    The 3700x is a better value, it's like 1-3% slower than the 3800x.
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    x570 TDP

    Previous AM4 mobos work with a TDP of 5w, x570 work with 11w. My question is beyond the obvious of shorter life-span and more power, what are the practical implications of this? I mean what kind of actual life can we expect or actual increases in the electric bill, etc... You know practical...
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    FS: MSI 2080ti Ventus OC :SOLD:

    Well that's some friend, I don't see how this is your problem instead of his. Best of luck, and seasons greetings.
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    FS: (USA) Google Pixel 2XL 128gb (Verizon) $149

    Don't know if it's just me, but you have the same 8 pics repeating 4 times.
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    FS: [USA-CA] AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

    Cool thanks, just wanted to avoid drama before it started.
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    FS: [USA-CA] AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

    Didn't your post get removed from Reddit?
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    FS: Note 9 128GB, Google Hub, Dome Glass protector for Pixel 3 XL

    could take a picture of the screen? thanks
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    WTB 3900x or 9900K bundle

    I am looking to build a new rig, I want either a 3900x or 9900K with a good x570 or z390 mobo respectively in either ATX or ATX-E. If you have a CPU, mobo, or mem for these builds I would be interested. No offense, but I'm not going respond to offers that are near MSRP. I would rather buy new if...
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    Holy cow, $300M and almost 9 years. I'm not saying it's fraud, but probably like 99% of the industry has created better with less time and money. And before you start belittling me, look it up, the most a AAA title takes is around 7 years and that's rare. It's either a grotesque mismanagement of...
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    WTB: Looking for low budget cpu/mobo/ram combo that can 1080p game.

    there a few 2500K or 2600K out there around that price, although it's old you won't find better value once you overclock it.