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    Why is DIV height different in chrome than IE or Firefox? How do I fix this?

    Maybe it's
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    Port 80 in use by system - help needed.

    Microsoft apps and 'proper' windows apps use the http.sys kernel driver for processing incoming packages on port 80 - that is they don't grab it. Real problem is Apache, Skype and the like, that use direct access.
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    Starcraft II

    GSL October code S finals are starting in a few minutes:
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    Text - H-IPS vs S-PVA

    Hi, I'm only using this PC for text processing in Word Perfect. Which monitor do you think is better for this task - Dell 2407WPF with S-PVA matrix or HP 2475w with H-IPS. TIA
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    Pad Mod Success - XPS 720 Q6600 @ 3.0

    How about overclocking Dell PCs using some software, like SoftFSB? Any success stories? I have a T3400, but don't feel like taking out the CPU.
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    Radeon 2600 Pro vs XT - 1080p

    No, it won't. There are numerous reviews online showing far better postprocessing on 2600.
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    975X MBs and 45nm CPUs

    thx Ryck u r absolutely right, here is a list of Asus mb's supporting 45nm and I've just noticed X38 supports ECC in both DDR2 and DDR3
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    Radeon 2600 Pro vs XT - 1080p

    Can't get any video acceleration from the built in video on intel G33, so I'm looking at PCI-E cards for my HTPC. Radeon 2600 seems the best choice, but can't find any info if there is a difference between the Pro and XT versions. I'd prefer Pro as it works at lower frequency and voltage, but...
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    975X MBs and 45nm CPUs

    Hi Wondering if 'ASUS P5W DH Deluxe' and 'DFI INFINITY 975X' will support the new 45nm Core. And if not are there any good upgrade options with ECC memory? TIA
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    MicroATX Case and CPU cooler wanted

    Thx guys, I'll give Microfly MX6 a try. SCSI I have a display with native 1280x1024 and display properties in Vista 32bit don`t allow to set higher resolution. But 1680x1050 should not be a problem. Anyway G35+ICH9 boards must arrive very soon you'd better wait for them.
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    Export Excel Spreadsheet into SQL Server 2005 Express database and it can be done directly by using SQL Server 2005 Integration Services, use the connection string from the link
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    MicroATX Case and CPU cooler wanted

    I'll have a look at those. I'd prefer a case with PSU. Mobo + CPU + a sound card + HD + DVD + USB flash driver/camera should have consumption in the range 150-250W. I've heard most PSUs reach maximum efficiency with 50% load, so a 400W unit will be perfect. And the less noise the better so...
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    MicroATX Case and CPU cooler wanted

    Hey there, Just got a Gigabyte GA-G33M-S2H( and a Q6600 G0 BOX. Now looking for a small and silent case for them, can you recomend one? Does the box cooler fit in small cases? TIA
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    need a cheap and silent cooler

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    USB mouse configution software

    I already did - this is the mouse slower :)