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    Fallout 4 Performance and Image Quality Preview @ [H]

    people over reacted to God Rays being a performance killer it's Shadow Distance that has much more impact on FPS imo Fallout 4 is a very strange game engine I've had instances in Sanctuary where my framerate goes below 40 FPS, but when I go out exploring and eventually return to Sanctuary...
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    ASUS R9 390 STRIX DirectCU III Video Card Review @ [H]

    a lot probably depends on the manufacturer for example, MSI 3XX cards tend to consume a lot more power than other manufacturer 3XX cards
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    Fallout 4 Performance and Image Quality Preview @ [H]

    just set a framerate cap to avoid the game engine freaking out
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    Path of Exile

    try seeing if Herald of Thunder helps
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    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    demo issue
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    Goodbye Catalyst Control Center – Hello Radeon Software Crimson Edition!

    not familiar with AMD GPUs? it's called PowerTune and it's because if you're playing FO4 with capped 60 FPS, then the AMD GPU down clocks because it's running out of stuff to do due to 60 FPS cap. here's my R9 290 GPU load when idling in doors in FO4. GPU load goes to 0% a lot.
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    Any reason to get a fury x over a 980 ti for 1440p?

    if you have a freesync monitor if you really don't like Nvidia if you strongly believe in AMD DX12 if you strongly believe in AMD continuing to improve driver performance while Nvidia driver improvements will stop once they start focusing on their latest & greatest architecture otherwise...
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    Difference between R390 vs. R390X? LE versions?

    possibly better binning resulting in more aggressive / non-aggressive clocks difference in HSF used performance difference between 390 & 390X tends to be around 5-10%
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    games look different

    your monitor connected via HDMI?
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    390X or 980 for the long run?

    if we're looking at a 4-5 year outlook, I'd wait for the next gen of GPUs otherwise, would go for 390X due to DX12 & 8GB VRAM
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    Intel Begins 3 Free Game Promotion

    eh CS:GO is the #1 played FPS nowadays in NA/EU
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    WCCFTech RAM affects FPS in FO4....bullshit

    Techspot showing a big difference between DDR4-1333 and DDR4-2400 with an i7 4770k
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    WCCFTech RAM affects FPS in FO4....bullshit

    correct me if I'm wrong, if RAM speed actually affects performance, shouldn't the slow RAM speed FPS eventually match up with the fast RAM speed FPS if you stay in a static position or is wccftech experiencing a memory leak?
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    AMD R9 290X enough for Fallout 4 ?

    unless FO4 ends up being a horrible PC port, a 290 should be fine
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    Anno 2205 crippled on all AMD & Kepler GPUs Either Anno 2205 developers made the game with only Maxwell in mind or Nvidia just focused their drivers on Maxwell and may or may not release a driver update to boost Kepler performance in Anno 2205