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    FAA Investigating Teen That Made The Gun-Firing Drone

    Why put it on Youtube? Can't people do anything and keep it to themselves anymore?
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    AMD Radeon R9 Fury X Video Card Review @ [H]

    The review says 4GB isn't enough and is a bottleneck.. But there isn't anything that shows VRAM is what is keeping performance down?
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    GTX 980 Ti bottleneck?

    That was probably more an issue with X58 which can be pretty buggy with new cards in SLI/Crossfire. I don't get any stuttering on my downgraded system(4670K to i5 750 4Ghz) in any of the newest games. No problem with running a 980 Ti with that system if you're planing on playing other games...
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    GTX 580 to 770 worth it

    Yup, go for it. I went from a 660Ti to my 770 yesterday and it's like 30-40% increase in performance with higher settings.
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    Asus DCU II R9 290 or Asus DCU II GTX 780?

    You're probably the only person on the planet that thinks AMD has better drivers. They still have the same problems they've had for 10 years for me(2d clocks in 3d mode, etc). If all your friend is interested in is gaming OP, then go nVidia. If he is planning on using the compute power of a...
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    BF4 AMD Mantle Video Card Performance Review Part 1 @ [H]

    Would really like to see a game that isn't already optimized for AMD cards for comparisons soon. AMD said the 290X would destroy the 780Ti or Titan(or something to that effect) and that really isn't the case. Other Mantle reviews also show how much better nVidias drivers are in terms of CPU...
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    Major slouching on GTX 780 TI

    Umm, that's a budget setup?
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    Does the 750 Ti spell doom for AMD?

    I would imagine they're somewhat worried. The performance per watt is pretty damn spectatular with the 750ti and if that translates over to the higher end parts later in the year(plus 20nm), those parts could be monsters.
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    i5 3rd Gen or 4th Gen??

    At 4.5Ghz and 1.265 on the Vcore and 1.25 VRIN voltage with the ring bus at 4.2Ghz on my 4670K and I don't find it gets all that hot. I only have an H60 as intake with 2 fans and MX-2 TIM and I hit the mid 70's when I tested for stability and mid 50's to low 60's in games.
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    Woke up to a dead video card? (7970)

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    Woke up to a dead video card? (7970)

    Do you pay hydro?
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    A10-7850K Performance Review

    The other reviews aren't showing anything even close to a 20% increase in IPC either. Also Encoding isn't a synthetic benchmark. Overall I find the release very disappointing since there is no software support now or even really on the horizon for HSA, etc...
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    i3 550 to i3 4340 for gaming?

    Your best option if you're on a budget is AMD when buying new. You can buy second hand Intel, but even still you're not going to get much for $200 that is a significant upgrade. You might be able to find an 1156 board that can overclock the i3 and a decent cooler to go along with it. The i3's...
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    Yeah, I know Intel are faster. I need cheap. Phenom II or FX4100?

    lol, wow at those prices. Take your pick, they'll all perform somewhat similarly. The Phenom II being the best bet without overclocking though.
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    EVGA GT 640 =) Cute little guy

    Im playing it on my 7770 and getting slightly better(obviously) though at 1366x768. These cards at that res is like a 670 at 1080p+.