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    Your Favorite Sys/Network Admin Tools?

    Notepad++ & Notepadtabs tcping & tracetcp Putty Advanced IP/Port scanner DHCP Server for Windows ( NMap Treesize Rufus
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    X-Wing and Tie Fighter - GOG - Out Tomorrow!

    How long before they re-release X-Wing Alliance? Some of my favorite MP memories there.
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    DOT Proposes Mandating Cars Broadcast Location, Direction and Speed

    If they use this to fine speeders, then wouldn't they have it limit the car's top speed to the posted speed limit? (Rhetorical question.) If the answer is no, this is just another cash cow for police departments.
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    GIGABYTE Launches BRIX Pro

    I needed that laugh, thanks!
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    Watching Movies on the Oculus Rift

    This being said, it would be kind of cool to pull up netflix and watch a movie in a theater with friends who I can interact with IRL.
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    Google Announces Chromecast

    I probably laughed at this more than I should have.
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    Fry's - Starcraft HotS $19.99

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    Microsoft Should End The Steve Ballmer Experiment

    Agreed, he's running the company into mediocrity. He seems to be forgetting that their market share is due to business and professional adoption.
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    Off-Road Drive

    Bought, thanks!
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    Oculus secures 16 million funding

    Am I masochistic for wanting to play quake 3 with these? The thought of minecraft, arma, and starseige with these will make a day one buy for sure.
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    BF1942 revival?

    Did EA neuter the origin version of 42? This thread inspired me to download it and toss a server up, and I'm noticing that there's no option for the console anymore, and binding it to a key in the .con doesn't do anything either.
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    FPS Gaming Mice recommendations?

    I just picked up a logitech g100s, and I'm loving it so far. It's a big throwback to the g1, so if you loved/hated that, expect the same. Do you play high or low sensitivity? Palm or claw? For competitive play, look at the g100s, g400s, intellimouse explorer 1.0/3.0, and steel series offerings...
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    FS: Asus G73SW-A1

    Bump for a nice laptop
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    golden eye 4 dead

    ITT: Opinions. I'll have to download these and check them out. Love or hate goldeneye, they look like good maps either way :P