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    Cheapest Graphics card that does 4K output

    for movies, from Nvidia please. HDMI.
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    Seriously this generation of consoles bites ass

    The last 3 months of PS4 PS+ games have sucked. Thank gawd for the PS3+ games and DLNA and MP3 support :D PS4 has disabilities brah.
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    You ever sold a old console and reget it later?

    I still have my Dreamcast, PS3, and PC. So no.
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    The State of the PS4 today.

    Blu-Ray 3D support 9 months after launch does not inspire greatness. It does inspire the tagline greatness awaits...after XB1 announces it first. ISS is the only standout title imho. SO 1 great game awaits would be a nice tagline too. Every other game like MGS, NFSR is multi-platform...
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    The State of the PS4 today.

    basically wait for XB1 to announce it, then Sony gets the ball wtf I hope XB1 announces DLNA in a few weeks then! Sony is fu$$in with us.
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    The State of the PS4 today.

    I'm surprised they both didn't have them from the jump. About any Blu-Ray player 100 dollars and up or down comes with functioning 3D support. I mean yeah most people wouldn't use it as much as regular blu ray movies, but who doesn't want to have it after they spend 400+ dollars in their blu-ray...
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    The State of the PS4 today.

    pS4 needs some viagra so to speak.
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    Can you run a GPU in slot 2 on the motherboard with slot one empty? NH-D14 covering 1

    I run my cooler east/west. Is your fans sideways or vertical?
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    Mantle pushes FX-8350 to beyond i7-4960X performance.

    Yep. The fact that there is still people on this forums complaining about an AMD 8 core for 129.99 CPU for the last couple years proves to me how jealous they're Intel doesn't make a budget 8 core to compete with it. Wah wah wah. Kyle Benett come ban me bro. I know you don't want people around...
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    EA Sports UFC®

    The controls seem deep. I enjoyed the demo, but just did the training, Haven't had the time.
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    ps3 hard drive upgrade to 500gb compatible?

    Buy this or that 7,200rpm drive above, and thank me later. 7,200RPM HDD and 5,400 Hybrid Drive SSD are the only drives that are priced...
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    The Wii U is done

    Aim for the head people, aim for the head.
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    Super Smash Bros Wii U

    Will this game be balanced? Will online work without any lag?
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    Is PC gaming dying?

    HALF LIFE 3 + TF3 + CS(?) = YOU ARE OUR ONLY HOPE! (I know it will never happen...but let me have this dream damnit!)
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    The Last of Us is coming to PS4 'sometime' this summer!

    This is cool. There's of course rumours that The Last of Us 2/Sequel will be on the PS4 as well. This is smart for the series. Get everyone on board, old ps3 owners and new ps4 owners.