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    Raspberry Pi or Cubieboard Media Server/Mumble Server

    Hi folks, like most of you, I im in love with the idea of the Raspberry Pi and other similar devices, and have been trying to come up with a solid use for one before I bought one. Now I have found my use I would like to get one. I would like to install a light weight ubuntu distro and run a...
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    Verizon Asked To Share “Six Strikes” Alerts For Lawsuit

    Fast and scary! I told the wife she had to quit with her torrents, we have Netflix and other like services, she doesn't really understand this, she asked about proxies, and I dont believe that they are the answer.
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    Hardware capability, pfsense vmware?

    I have a dual core atom 1.6ghz with 2 gigs of ram that I had been using as a small vent server and file server for a few years now under windows xp home, but I have recently used it to make a pfsense box and I love it, but now Im without a file server and vent server. I wondering if it would be...
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    Fractal Design Node 304 itx case

    Well I finally have my new rig built up in one of these. Its a decent little case. Not really happy with most of the screws being glued in by the paint. Here's what I can tell you from my research and experience. It seems that most reviews out there state that all three fans are intake fans and...
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    Doom III: Project Mars City (Comments Thread)

    CrimsonSky is the reason I got into modding, I really hope he comes back to it.
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    Cross by Red Harbinger

    You should send me one so I can test it on a consumer level for you.
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    Anyone using the new $199 Chromebook?

    I think someone somewhere down the line will crack the bios or Acer or google will release it somewhere down the line.
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    Anyone using the new $199 Chromebook?

    My thoughts exactly, with my taxes Im going to upgrade to 4 gigs of ram and an SSD to increase battery life.
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    Anyone using the new $199 Chromebook?

    The Acer C7, I just picked it up the other day, great piece of hardware, I just wish there was more OS functionality, but that doesnt matter as chrubuntu is going on later today. Great display,weak speakers, ok keyboard(the new Samsung has a better feeling keyboard), the dual core Celeron 847...
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    Assassins Creed(First One) $0.99 at Amazon

    Sorry I should have looked into this more.
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    Deus Ex HR Standard Edition $16 Amazon

    IF you didnt get it on steam.
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    World’s First Programmable Quantum Photonic Chip

    5 to 10 years before this gets anywhere close to the consumer market, the x86 platform has the world by the nuts.
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    CHECK THIS OUT!!! This is amazing, I so want this.
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    Arcygenical00 Cubed

    Always beautiful dude, and I hear you on the modding bug, I just started redoing the mod I started a couple of months ago, cant wait to see how yours comes out.