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    Should I buy an SSD and, if so, which?

    The Crucial M4 and Samsung 830 are great drives, own both and they're fast. I don't know about the 840, it seems they have replaced the 830.
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    Some questions about the Samsung SSD's..

    The 512GB 830 is in stock at Newegg for $499. To be totally honest, the 830 512GB model was always WAY overpriced.
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    Some questions about the Samsung SSD's..

    Where are you checking prices? The difference between the 830 notebook kit and the 840 is $10 at newegg right now.
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    Hard Drive data recovering.

    I'd think the fact that you've had 4 or 5 drive failures in a few years would have also been a sign that you should use some sort of backup solution.
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    Hard Drive data recovering.

    Data recovery isn't cheap. If you need to recover it, you'll have to pay the price. This is why it is suggested that everyone perform regular backups.
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    SSD choice...

    I'd just go with the Crucial M4 or the Samsung 830, they're both good drives. I've got a 256GB M4 in my MacBook Pro and the 830 in my desktop PC. The 830 is faster in benchmarks but there really isn't a difference in day to day use.
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    Slow Crucial SSD V4 64GB speeds

    And apparently you don't read often enough. Did you even look at the specs of the drive before you bought it? The write speeds on higher capacity SSDs are almost always higher than the same model with lesser capacity. Here is a cut and paste from newegg: 32GB Crucial V4: 64GB Crucial V4...
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    Crucial m4 Bricked... warning

    I installed 010G on my drive when it came out in late September and it has been working just fine since then. Did you read the warning regarding trying to use the updater on a UEFI based system? I don't know if that could be your problem, but something people should be aware of.
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    Reliable SSD: Intel 330 or Samsung 830?

    Samsung 830 or Crucial M4. I've used both in my MBP, currently I'm using the M4 because the faster 830 was better utilized in my desktop with a SATA III controller.
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    Considering SSD for my laptop, but which one?

    I have a Crucial M4 in my MacBook Pro and it has been great. I didn't have a noticeable change in battery life after I installed it, which was nice. It's a 2009 model so the battery isn't exactly in great shape. I also have a Samsung 830 in my desktop and it's pretty damn fast. I actually...
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    Would my girlfriend notice if I took her i7-3770 ?

    Sounds like you did the right thing. Now if you swap out the CPU you won't have any issues because she finds out.
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    Noctua nf-f12

    Without knowing what your current fans are, it's hard to say. If you're using the stock fan that came with the H50, I think it is 59CFM. The Noctua looks like it pushes about 54 CFM if I'm doing the conversion right.
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    Upgrade X2 5600+ to what other AM2 cpu? Maybe AM2

    The Athlon II x4 640 is by no means a bad CPU. I just recently upgraded from one but only because I came across a Phenom II x6 1090t for a relatively good price.
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    Samsung 830 256GB $149

    Wow, that is a good deal. Could have saved $12 if I had waited a little.
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    Phenom II 1090t cooling options

    Ah. I wasn't really thinking about pump noise. I'll probably stick with the advice most people have given and go with the CM212 evo. The DH14 looks awesome, but it's pretty expensive and I don't really plan on overclocking.