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    Free AMD X2 CPU with DFI motherboard purchase at

    Got mine today. I'm a little miffed; the CPU is already in the socket and there's remnants of thermal paste on it. These CPUs are probably system pulls. They say they're OEM procs on the website, but OEM != System Pull. The CPU I got was an X2 4200 which has a TDP of 65W. I was hoping for a...
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    Holy Crap, It's Back! Sceptre 24" LCD 199.99 AR, B&M AND ONLINE! Starts black Friday

    I'm kind of on the fence with this display. I bought 4 of them when they were $269, and I use them at work. Their color reproduction on the brighter colors isn't as good. A light lavender is indistinguishable from a light grey, light yellow and green are very similar, etc. For most business...
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    24" Sceptre LCD for $259 FS

    I picked up four of these from for $279, kinda regret it now (paid sales tax *and* shipping. /sigh). I'm using all four at work with the Chief KTP440 Quad-monitor stand, and I'm pretty happy with them. The color clarity on lighter greys is a little bad, I had to tweak the contrast...
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    [H]otish : EVGA GTX 280 $534 -

    I don't know where you get your market rates from. google says it's $524.71 and a small fraction, says it's $523.95.
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    Mobo & Gfx fried by faulty PSU?!

    I bought a PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750 Quad about a year ago. Just this past thursday, it went *poof* while I was out. I came home to a very quiet living room, my computer had shut down while I was gone. I tried turning it back on and while it did power up, the motherboard was giving me a...
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    Mobo that supports three PCI-E video cards?

    Right now I run a pair of 7800GTX cards non-SLI, with one card driving my Dell 2407WFP and the other card driving two Dell 2005FPW's. In the near future I want to run a pair of 8800GTX cards in SLI driving my main screen and a single 7800GTX driving the other two. Is there a mobo out there that...
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    Hard-side laptop case that can hold a portable printer too?

    My uncle is looking to take the plunge into mobile computing so he can use some mapping software designed for his profession (truck driver), and he wants to get a hard-side case that can protect his gear. The catch is that he needs a case big enough to fit a portable printer (such as this or...
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    Random Box o' Stuff (wannabe Bag Of Crap)

    I ordered five days ago, I'm a little annoyed at the delay in shipping. It'll be here on the 28th. Oh, and it's 3.1 pounds.
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    BB Tacoma PS3 in stock

    The past two times I've been to the Gamestop in Bellevue, WA they've had 2 PS3 60GB units, but no Wiis. I really want a Wii. :(
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    HOT! XFX 8800 GTX $531 8800 GTS $381 Free Shipping @ Dell

    I had an issue with 97.02 where, whenever I tried to look at my GPU temperatures, the control panel would crash. I backed down to the version that came with my card (96.xx or somesuch). Anyone else get this problem?
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    Random Box o' Stuff (wannabe Bag Of Crap)

    eh, I'll gamble on it. The lack of a BoC during the last Woot-off was disappointing, hopefully this will lift my spirits.
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    HOT! XFX 8800 GTX $531 8800 GTS $381 Free Shipping @ Dell

    Buy a coupon from ebay, cheapskates. It's less than two dollars. :o
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    HOT! XFX 8800 GTX $531 8800 GTS $381 Free Shipping @ Dell

    I ordered the GTX and my ship date was estimated as the 15th, but I got email this morning saying that the item had been shipped. :cool:
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    HOT! XFX 8800 GTX $531 8800 GTS $381 Free Shipping @ Dell

    I can confirm that the 10% code I just bought off ebay stacks with the automatic 15% off. I pulled the trigger on this, it's cheaper than newegg after taxes in Washington State, so it's smoking hot for those of you who live in states with no sales tax. The auction I got my coupon from had a...
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    Target: Apple 8GB iPod Nano - Black

    Doesn't work for the ipod, comes up as regular price in cart and at checkout. :(