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    Your favorite monitor of all time

    The monitor I fell in love with was the 24" FW900. That sucker blows all the LCDs out of the water.
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Do you have any shots of behind the monitors? I am curious to see how they are all supported.
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    Local seller wants $500 for 3008WFP. Scam?

    If you don't want it let us know, I'm interested in it.
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    24" Widescreen CRT (FW900) From Ebay arrived,Comments.

    Is there anyway to even get these things repaired? I just can't get used to a lcds low quality. It's like rubbing sandpaper in your eyes.
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    Sell my 3007wfp Dell for 3, 23in lcd's for eyefinity?

    I agree with you 100%, I have tried different configurations and 20-30-20 is the best for work. It's a hard call it's work vs gaming right.
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    Sell my 3007wfp Dell for 3, 23in lcd's for eyefinity?

    What percentage of time do you game compared to windows work?
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    LG Display will sell 30" OLED TV in the market 2011?

    I don't think so, Samsung is still producing the same old crap and people are loving it. They are not investing in new technologies because it is cost prohibitive. But their market share is increasing. LG has everything to prove, I think it was stated somewhere on the web that 54% of the time...
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    16:9 vs 16:10

    what happened to 4:3?
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    Analyst: PlayStation 3 to Win Console War

    Piracy is not legalized. I'm sure if the PS3 was fully hacked you wouldn't buy games for it either. Or if you own a xbox I am sure you don't own the games for it. These console are turning into gaming / media centers. Sony has just put together all the major studios for an online purchase and...
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    Game Devs Only Use PhysX For The Cash

    It's great that they are pushing it. Just imagine if they didn't, there would be even less of a reason to buy their cards.
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    Blue LED Danger?!

    Everything gives you cancer! will it increase it probably. But blue cathodes are not blue. It's too much money to make one, I think they are just white with a thin blue plastic wrapping inside the bulb. Blue leds I believe fall into the UV light range. If you are looking at that all the time...
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    How Bad is Your Backlog?

    I bought 4 PC games which I haven't opened, the oldest being 3 years. For the PS3: GT5 Prologue,GTA 5 still in the original packaging 360: gears of war 2 still in the original packaging I don't even know why I buy games anymore.
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    Is it worth using a sound card in newer builds?

    I take audio seriously, and I spent way too much money. It's a hobby right what can I do?
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    Is it worth using a sound card in newer builds?

    Just check these people about mp3's and lossless. I'm using the like to show that it's a matter of perception. I didn't buy a sound card for my current build, I think if you believe you can hear a...
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    girlfriend is ticked my PSU is so loud, looking at moding it

    sounds like it's easier to get a new girlfriend then a power supply. That should be a much cheaper option too.