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    blackra1n released

    So I have the 3GS 3.1.2 which I jailbroke yesterday. Well I downloaded the following apps: Backgrounder, SBSSettings, BossPaper, Winterboard, MXTube, iRealQuickSMS, and Cydia. My battery drained like crazy today. I usually have about 40-30% left when I get home at about 5pm, today I looked at...
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    Show off your OSX desktop

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    Show off your OSX desktop

    Sorry if this is off-topic but I didn't want to start a new thread for this. Anyway, anyone here a HALO fan? The new ODST has a cool computer character called the Superintendent. He would be an awesome widget just to have him randomly cycling through his various expressions when Dashboard...
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    How many of you are on MobileMe

    You can get a year subscription on eBay for $30
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    iPhone/touch Wallpaper They also have an iPhone app for 1.99 or .99 that will download the iPhone versions of their wallpapers. I also use two others, sciphone (web site), and the app "backgrounds" which is free in the App store.
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    Post your Mobile Devices!

    Does this phone have the option for a SIM card? In other words does it work with the AT&T network? Does it have 3G? I looked at the tech specs, but I can't figure out if it has 3G or not.
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    HP Mini 1000

    Hello, I recently purchased the Mini 1000 (1030NR) from Best Buy for $399. The specs are Atom processor 1.6Ghz, 1gig ram, and the 16GB SSD. My main issue with the machine, and what I hope someone can really help me with, is that the machine sort of "lags" or freezes for two or three seconds...
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    Post your Mobile Devices!

    Actually it is, the only one I'm missing is the my original 4GB iPhone which my wife is now using.
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    Crysis Warhead performance WORSE!?

    Dammit two crashes to the desktop in twenty minutes! Is it my system? I haven't reformatted my HDD in 8 months. Should I? BTW- there are way too many Crysis threads on here.
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    Does anyone miss the days of simple PC gaming?

    What, waiting to thirty minutes to download a jpeg at 9600? What, constantly redialing your modem because the BBS is busy, then getting booted off after the 30 minute limit? What, making a customized batch file in DOS to make audio work in your game? What, try to disable mouse drivers...
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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky Delayed Until September 5, Now Gone Gold

    Various web sites are reporting the game has been delayed to at least the 15th. edit: sorry if old, oh sorry already posted.
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    Pre-Order Far Cry 2 on Steam, get Far Cry free (until 9/2)

    "Pre-order" on steam? Do they not charge you until the game is released? I played Far Cry when it was released but I don't have the CDs, it would be cool to replay without needing the CD...
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    Vista is becoming slow...why?

    How do I check if the drive is running in AHCI/what is that?
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    Vista is becoming slow...why?

    I've been using Vista since it launched I love this OS. It seems to be however that my vista machine is slowing down. The only example I can think of is opening WMVs in Media player. The last time I formatted my drive (about six-eight months ago) it opened in about one second and played...