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    Looking to build my first WC setup

    One thing you'd want to put in this thread is what you're cooling. Is it the brisbane system you got up there, or another system you are working one? Usually it is cpu then whatever is closest if you go inline. There usually isn't much a point in splitting up the line with a meeting point like...
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    My first water loop (yay!), help/critique

    Don't worry too much about the direction of your airflow, as long as you have a general direction with the airflow, it won't make that much difference in the long run. The rest of your components, since you are watercooling, aren't going to let off that much heat into the air. Your ram a...
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    WC'ing i7 930 @ 4.3ghz and 2 OC'd GTX 480s

    Off hand, I'd say you're fine adding the second GTX without having to another radiator. A 140+320 is plenty by of cooling power, unless you're using extremely low powered fans. The exact amount of cooling you get will depend on what fans are paired with the radiator. Nickel/copper blocks will...
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    Help me decide before I order!

    Any concerns I'd have were addressed above by others. I'm noting your keeping some parts, so I won't go recommending anything you're not asking about. Is 3/8" hose the right move? Minimal difference between 3/8ths and 1/2. Some hardcore enthusiasts recommend 1/2 - I use 3/8ths for space...
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    Need expert opinions

    This case should hold just about what you need: It isn't my favorite case in the world, but I usually don't need your kind of set up, either. That one will hold two 120x4 rads and another 120x3. I'm not sure...
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    wc blocks for 5870 1gb and 2gb

    Temps sound a little hot to me (could be just the difference in set up of course). I'm idling at 30-31C and hitting just shy of 40C into load. Could your reference waterblock not be sitting flush with your non-reference board?
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    Out of the loop. Help me get in to water cooling

    There's a lot of similar threads out there asking the same thing. That said, I'm just going to go the lazy route and copy and paste something that Archmage posted earlier on a build. It gives a bunch of standard recommendations, and fits your build pretty well. If you have specific questions...
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    Radiator question (need thin radiator)

    Now, the FT02 comes with radiator brackets for the bottom of the case, right? Is it not possible to put your radiator there? Is there something else blocking it in that position?
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    Radiator question (need thin radiator)

    A thin triple rad for only the two video cards might do the job, although the temps will likely not being amazing. The one problem again, as pointed out above, is the fans supplying the air to said radiator. That 180 might not be able to push air very effectively through the stealth rad. I...
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    wc blocks for 5870 1gb and 2gb

    The waterblocks built on the reference design are not compatible with the non-reference boards for the most part (I'd say all the time, but I haven't seen every non-reference board to know). Although some parts are in the same place, most of the parts are moved enough so that it doesn't match...
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    Venturing into the unknown- Watercooling

    If not accounting for the wall thickness, yes. As for how much to buy... On one hand you have a fairly small, tight case. However, you also don't have a lot of experience. 2 radiators, 2 blocks, a pump and a rez - I think can be done in 6-8 feet if you were very careful and made no mistakes...
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    new watercooling setup

    I like sidewinder & jabtech. After that, you have to look at sites that tend to be a bit more costly. For the radiator, if you're going with swiftech again, I think sidewinder had the best price:
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    Venturing into the unknown- Watercooling

    If you can, you want at least one rad before the cpu block - as the pump does have a little heat dump. It's not a whole lot, but you might gain a degree or two.
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    new watercooling setup

    another reservoir? or do you mean to add another radiator. A high clocked 980x and 5970 might put out more heat then a single 120x3 can handle. Actually I'm not sure if the MCM60 is compatible with the 5970 - you'll have to look that one up. The epsilon is obviously compatible. 1/2 barbs...
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    new watercooling setup

    The 5970 waterblocks are going to pretty much match up the same as the 5870's...